20 Basic Things All College Girls Are Guilty Of Doing

College is said to be the best time of your life. It’s a time where you grow, learn, and explore. It’s also a time where we do a bunch of weird sh*t; we deny most of them, we’ll admit to some, but we’re guilty to doing all of them. It can be incredible and horrible at the same time.

All in all, college girls are a unique breed. We’re loud, we’re candid, we have an overwhelming craving for both pizza and dancing at all times, and we’re guilty AF to doing all 20 things on this basic ass list.

1. Having an intimate relationship with coffee, especially Starbucks!

2. Always over packing, but then wearing the same things all the time.

3. Drafting a message and then having your friends check it.

4. Trying to do homework in bed and then just napping.

5. Getting addicted to a Netflix show and binge-watching until you know the end.

6. Always losing your group of friends when you go out.

7. Re-watching TV series because of post-show depression.

8. Promising to be done with an ex, yet still stalk their social media, and secretly drunk texting him.

9. Making tons of plans for break and then staying in and watching movies and eating junk food.

10. Having piles and piles of clothes, but having “nothing to wear”.

11. Drunk Snapchatting/texting things and people you probably shouldn’t.

12. Going on YouTube/Netflix for “one video” and then sit there for hours.

13. Complaining about how much work you have to do instead of just starting it.

14. Wearing athletic clothes to appear active.

15. Following fitness and health Instagram’s for “motivation”.

16. Reading old messages and laughing at how ridiculously funny you are.

17. Creeping on someone’s social media and accidentally liking something 56+ weeks in.

18. Not eating enough before going out so you don’t look bloated.

19. Setting 5+ alarms in the morning to get yourself up.

20. Going crazy with your friends when “your song” comes on.

You’ll probably deny this whole list, but silently agree with each point. But, my fellow basic betches, I come to you bearing great news…when no one is looking, we’re just as guilty as the rest of you.

Leave a comment below of how many things you’re guilty of doing!

Originally published on University Primetime by Jaclyn Lloyd

Featured image via xxsdolls Tumblr


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