7 Reasons ‘Jane The Virgin’ Should Be Your Next Netflix Binge

*This article has a very low spoiler alert*

The infamous television network the CW has seen many great shows come and go: The Carrie Diaries, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, to name a few. However in my opinion, by far the most influential one to catch my eye has been Jane the Virgin starring Gina Rodriguez as the main character, Jane. 

This show houses an eccentric telenovela star named Rogeglio (Jane’s estranged father), an ongoing murder investigation, AND a wild love triangle. Now, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, many shows embracing the “love triangle” subplots are always very predictable, but somehow Jane makes it work. The plot centers around a young 23-year-old virgin named Jane who gets accidentally artificially inseminated.

Here are 7 things that make Jane the Virgin the best show:

  1. All of the hot men in Jane’s life. You’ve got Jane’s estranged telenovela star father, Rogelio who reenters the lives of the Villanueva women out of nowhere. 

Next, her incredibly sweet and caring fiancée, Michael, as well as part 1 of the love triangle.

And lastly, my personal favorite, her baby’s dad, Rafael Solano, love triangle part 2, hotel entrepreneur, and full-time hottie. #TeamRafael

  1. The awesome feminist messages hidden throughout the series. First, we have a strong female lead, Jane, who never lets a man come before her career dreams. The show plays on the telenovela (soap opera) concept of drama and romance, but that only comes alongside the portrayal of Jane’s professional life. We also have Jane’s Abuela Alba, as well as Jane’s mother Xiomara who show viewers what it means to have girl power. Needless to say, the leading ladies of the show are feminist icons for us young women to look up to. 
  1. The Narrator dubbed in closed captioning as “The Latin Lover Narrator”. This man’s voice ties the whole show together. It’s sexy, powerful, and persuasive. The voice belongs to Anthony Mendez and is evident in every episode, not only hilariously narrating the lives of our beloved Villanueva’s, but also reminding us what happened in previous episodes. He also provides flashbacks to show us why characters are acting a certain way.
  1. It provides diverse representations of sexuality among characters. The show embraces this idea that it is OK for a twenty-six year old woman to still be a virgin, while also still being comfortable in her own skin. On a completely different scale, we have Jane’s mom Xiomara and her best friend Lina who both have very active sex lives. Lastly, it’s important to note the character of Luisa who engages (very proudly) in same-sex relationships
  1. The Telenovela feel.You either love soap op.eras or you can’t stand them. The best part about Jane is that it plays on Telenovelas with all the crazy plots going on, but the acting is so well-done that the drama is actually believable.
  1. It demonstrates the importance of family.Her strong relationship with Xo and Alba has definitely shaped her into the woman she is today. She looks up to them, both having raised their daughters as single mothers. She also becomes close to Rogeglio even though he was missing from her life for all of those years. The large gap in generation between them doesn’t change the fact that they all still love each other at the end of the day.
  1. Important themes scattered throughout. This show relays many relevant messages for its viewers to take into account, as they could be useful in real life situations. Such themes include religion, motherhood, immigration.. The list goes on. There’s a focus on the family’s religious values and Jane’s decision to be celibate until married. Even though she didn’t plan to become a mother, she cares for her son, Matteo, very much and the show makes it known by stressing the bond between her and him. These touchy subjects are looked at with nothing but positivity in this show.

This show has been a gem ever since it graced our televisions back in 2014. Let’s not forget that it brought the CW its first ever Golden Globe! Jane the Virgin is packed with incredible dialogue, important themes, a heartwarming edge-of-your-seat plot, and a hilarious, amicable cast. So, I highly suggest you grab your remote, snuggle up on the couch with some snacks, and brace yourself for the telenovela adventure of a lifetime.

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