5 Reasons To Justify Your Addiction To Starbucks

The first thing that I will openly admit here is that I am an adamant coffee lover. I think that different types of coffee shops serve different purposes, all of them equally important. Nothing could ever replace the feeling you have when you sit in a quaint local coffee shop, hearing the rain pattering on the window outside as you sip from the handmade cappuccino in your mug. Whenever I move somewhere new, one of the things on the top of my to-do list is to find the perfect coffee shop.

And while my heart will forever belong to small coffee shops, I can’t deny my love for their conglomerate franchise sister: Starbucks.

So don’t tell the owner of “The Coffee Garden” downtown here that I wrote this article, because they’ll be personally wounded. But I have a duty, because of my love of frappuccinos, to tell you all why we all really do love Starbucks the most, somewhere deep down.

1. They are so convenient

There’s a Starbucks everywhere you go. Which is incredibly convenient, because I know that I will ALWAYS have access to consistently good coffee.


2. Drive-thrus

We’re Americans, and convenience is what drives us to, well, not do anything. The day that Starbucks delivers will be the day that all white girls decide that their Ugg boots will never be tainted by stepping foot outside their door again.


3. Because we all really do love Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Even if we don’t. Once Fall hits, we all know that we’ll be getting a beloved PSL at some point this season. We might as well embrace it.

love coffee

4. Instagram worthy coffee

Sure, we all Instagram the works of art that get designed into the tops of our cappuccinos. But we all know what’s really going to get us likes. And that’s Starbucks. Our trendy pictures with our homework on the coffee table behind the iconic Starbucks cup, and our perfectly manicured hand wrapped around the body of the cup.


5. Extra whip

We know that although we take our coffee black to save the calories, our true desire is always to order a super sugary drink with extra whipped cream and lots of caramel syrup on top. It’s our secret little treat, when we feel like we really deserve our coffee to come with a sugar crash.


I love coffee, no matter what kind of cup it comes in. And even though you’ll sometimes hear me talk down Starbucks and how their coffee just isn’t all that good, I’ll bet you a Venti Dirty Chai Latte with Soy that you’ll catch me in the line at Starbucks more often than not.

Featured image via Anderson Miranda on Pexels



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