10 Undeniable Reasons Your Best Friend Is Better Than Your Boyfriend

The best friend and the boyfriend: two of the most important people in a girl’s life. Each of them play vital roles, and unless you’re lucky and your boyfriend is your best friend, then you get very different things from your relationships with them. So while your boyfriend may treat you to romantic dates and fun, sexy adventures, there are some things that only your best friend can give you.

  1. They know years worth of stupid inside jokes and how to make you laugh with a single word.black and white friends laughing laugh best friend
  2. They’ve seen you mid-breakdown, makeup smeared and two pints of Ben and Jerry’s deep – there’s no need to doll up if you’re not feelin’ it.crying new girl zooey deschanel breakup sad
  3. They will always drop what they’re doing and come running if you tell them you’re in trouble.tv friends comedy 1990s hug
  4. You can tell them literally anything – they’re stuck with you, there’s no reason to fear unleashing your inner crazy bitch.funny lol friends fun show
  5. They’re always down for a night of lounging around and bitching about your problems, especially if food or wine will be involved.Girls on HBO bitches be crazy bitches be cray girlshbo crossfit
  6. You’ve known each other long enough that even if one of you posts a picture of the other from middle school, you have a whole arsenal to fire back at them.parks and rec
  7. You always make up when you get into a fight, there’s no awkward tiptoeing around each other afterwards. All you have to do is show up with their favorite coffee and chances are, all will be forgiven.
  8. They’ll help you work out the perfect text to send to a guy, whether it’s a flirty initiation or the perfectly sassy text bomb to send mid-fight.
  9. You can always count on your best friend to tell it to you straight. They don’t have to sugar coat anything for you.love friends new girl zooey deschanel best friends
  10. Boyfriends come and go but they’ll always be there for you, through thick and thin.Girls on HBO hug friendship girls hbo girlshbo

Never forget to thank your best friend for all that she does for you and all the shit that you put her through. She’s your confidant and your soul sister, and you’d be absolutely lost without her.

Featured image via Lucas Lenzi on Unsplash



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