5 Underrated Celebs Who Have Killer Style

With summer coming right around the corner, it’s time to finally shake off your coats and sweaters and trade them in for warmer weather attire. If you’re looking for some style inspiration, look no further. These five celebs are here to guide you to your perfect summer look.

  1. Emma Roberts

She may not be all over People and In Style like the Kardashians, but we have all been unconsciously copying her fashion moves. I mean seriously, did you not suddenly get the urge to get the long bob hair cut? Are you pondering the aisles of Ulta looking for the perfect sea salt spray? Probs because Emma Roberts started it.

  1. Hayley Williams

She’s somehow the only one who can pull off orange hair and a wedding dress, but it makes me infinitely jealous. Her punky pop outfits remind us all that leggings do count as pants and Converse are always the best choice of shoes. If you never took a bottle of Manic Panic to your head circa 2009 to mimic her look, you never truly lived.  

  1. Zendaya

If she isn’t your style icon already, she 100% should be. Zendaya is famous for her versatility. You could put a trash bag on her and she would make it look better than any dress on the red carpet. She can’t be confined to one fashion category and her style fluidity makes her copy-cats envious.

  1.  Shailene Woodley

The most beautiful part of Shailene is how she remembers how to be natural. What does she preach? Wear what feels good, never be ashamed of your body, have no hesitation. If you want to rock a crop top this summer, Shailene would be the friend who pushes you to go for it. You’re only young once, and she’d encourage us all to be just that.

  1. Sarah Hyland

A lesson to be learned from Sarah is dare to be feminine. She is constantly rocking beautiful lacy dresses and romper. She wears form-fitting, yet sophisticated, outfits that make us envious of her fashion sense. I was considering growing my hair out, but after creeping through her Instagram, I have become re-obsessed with her perfect bob.

Summer is the time to switch up your style and take some risks. These stars are the perfect examples to help you take your look to the next level and make fashion leaps you may have never thought about before! Be prepared to spend the next few hours matching outfits online and debating whether to chop your hair.

Featured image via “Emma Roberts” by ♥Karen♥-celebfan-lz215✿ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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