6 Spring Trends That Don’t Involve A Crop Top

Spring has sprung and out come the crop tops. We all work hard before spring break to get our tummies flat and work hard on spring break to get those flat tummies bronzed, of course a girl wants to show off the finished product. But there is more to warm weather fashion than the crop top. Indulge in these styles for a change of pace:

The shirtdress:

Is it a shirt or is it a dress? Both! Duh! These lightweight and straight cut styles can be belted for a dressed up yet comfortable look. But let it all hang loose with some chunky jewelry and you have a boho chic statement for the ages. On a chilly day, or as the sun goes down, grab some leggings and a jean jacket to add warmth.

Muscle tanks: 

Guys aren’t the only ones with guns to show off this season. These breezy tanks are perfect for jeans and shorts and all those bralettes that have hidden in your closet all winter. With either fun graphics or a feminine pattern, you’re sure to find one that’s just your style.

Sheer long sleeves:

Sheer tops are a wonderful way to layer on some fun colors! Floral patterns look even better under a mint green or a pink chiffon. The layering look works best by using a fitted top underneath to highlight curves and having the sheer layer fall a little loose.

Arm cut-outs:

Having some arm exposure is another sneaky way to show some skin. These tops are great to take from day to night. Because they have good coverage, they are work appropriate, but they still give off that playful vibe to take you into the nightlife scene.

Light wash denim shirt:

Casual and comfortable, a light wash denim screams spring time. Lighter denim brightens up other colors rather than muting it like a dark shade would. Pair a lace tank with some colorful pants or tuck it into a flared skirt for a flirty style.


Cold months aren’t the only time it’s sweater weather. Elbow length to even sleeveless, the chunky knit sweater is a new trend you need to be on board with. Texture provides some dimension to your look which makes a simple pair of skinnies really pop against the sea of graphic tees most people opt to thrown on.

Keep those crop tops around because they would look so fetch under that denim top with some high-waisted shorts. But remember, you don’t need that crop to feel sexy, confident, and fashionable for all day wear! Fashion is all about layering and vintage vibes right now. Pick a few of your favorite pieces, mix and match, and have fun with your outfits! As long as you feel good, you look good.

Featured image via Taylor Simpson on Unsplash


  1. I work retail when I’m home from school and we have many of the cut out shirts and I’m just not a fan of how they look. I don’t think it’s exactly the best new trend, but I respect girls that can pull it off!


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