4 Things You Should Do Alone To Feel Independent And Empowered

4 simple ideas to make every girl (or person) feel free of themselves and empowered. #slay!

Sooner or later, we find ourselves on our own, to fend for ourselves or managing simple tasks we weren’t used to before. That’s called growing up. If you’ve spent your teen years surrounded by siblings or friends, you aren’t used to doing things alone. And while the mere idea may scare you, you can learn that doing things alone is GREAT. Even FUN.
So here are some simple and not too demanding things that you should try to do alone (or if you already have, keep doing!) in order to feel empowered and independent.

Have breakfast: go to your favorite (or try a new one!) coffee shop or bakery as soon as they open. Sit down at the table you wish, order the food you heart desires (my heart always craves French toast. I’m a French toast kind of girl) order your beverage and just eat. No phone, no music. Just enjoy the almost empty shop and just be. Eating by yourself is one of the most empowering activities ever in my opinion. And one of my favorite ones.

Shopping: many people enjoy going on a shopping spree by themselves. Many others, like me, were terrified by the idea of going solo. Then one day I was forced out of necessity to go to the mall all by my lonesome and I LOVED it. Not having to talk to anyone, not being confused by someone else’s ideas or tastes was freeing. And even though I don’t buy the best products or clothes for me when I’m on my own, I still love the way it makes me feel.

Learn something new: may it be a language, or how to properly fold a tissue napkin, or how to nail art. And I can even be something you do with others as long as those others are strangers. Take a cooking class or a painting one, go on a cultural guided tour, attend a conference, embark on a guided group trip. Or just hop in the car and drive, or take the plane and go visit a foreign city. By yourself or with new people (not total random strangers, there are traveling agencies that organize trips for groups of people. Safety first!)

Go to a museum/movie/concert: okay, maybe going to a concert alone is a bit too much (kudos to you if it’s something you do often), but going to the cinema or a museum by yourself is definitely empowering, mainly because, like eating alone in a public place, is considered something sad and lonely, especially for women. Standing in front of the great masterpieces or a modern product of contemporary art, or enjoying a movie without anyone talking into your ear (#guilty) and fully concentrate on the movie and the feelings it evokes in you is pure LUXURY.

There are many other empowering things that make you feel in control of your life, the Mistress (or Master) of your Universe that society or prejudice says it’s not okay to do alone, whether because improper or because it’s a sign of loneliness and desperation.

What do you think? What are the things you enjoy doing alone?

Featured image via Timur Romanov on Unsplash


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