8 Thoughts You Have In The Backseat Of Your Family Road Trip

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I love road trips, and going on trips with my friends is one of my favorite activities. However, I honestly believe that family road trips were created to test your patience, and start family drama. Listen, I love my family just as much as the next person but ask anyone and I’m sure they’ll tell you the same – confining your entire family in a car for a 4+ hour road trip… and all hell is bound to break loose. Family road trips are always a blast but before the fun begins, there is probably lots of annoyed sighs, silent glares, loud yelling, and many, many complaints.

While many things run through my mind after I commit to attending a family trip, the following eight things explain my family road trip experiences:

  1. “I’m going on a road trip, WOOOO!”
    Goodbye responsibilities! A weekend (or week if you’re really lucky) road trip is perfect. It’s all you’ve been looking forward to, and more times than not – you’re probably off to see your other family members. The only thing stopping you from that reunion is the car ride.
  2. WHY?”
    This is the constant question you will ask during the entire trip. Why can’t I get shotgun? Why is this music playing? Why are we not there yet? Why did I get forced into coming? As each moment passes, each “why me?” question pops up in your head.
  3. “FML.”
    Even though you triple checked everything, someone in the family forgot something and said person will complain about it the entire drive. Everyone knows it’s not a big deal but you shut your mouth.
  4. “All I want is food.”
    Your parents have decided that eating at a proper restaurant is a waste of time as your father wants to “beat the traffic” and “is on a deadline” (aka – my dad on every trip). You settle for a rest area, and this is where it all goes downhill. 
  5. Forever Annoyed.
    Your plan was probably to sleep the entire trip after eating but  you can’t find a comfortable spot for a while. As soon as you’re about to drift off to sleep, someone turns the radio up a bit or starts talking loudly and that’s it – you’re annoyed.
  6. “Are we there yet?”
    It feels like it’s been forever even though you’re only halfway through the trip. You also really have to use the bathroom, and you just want to shower but you’re stuck in a car.
  7. “YES, WE’RE HERE!”
    FINALLY. You can’t get out of the car fast enough, somehow – you all survived and there were no casualties. All it took was a stretch, some fresh air, and a good hour or two away from each other. When others ask how was the drive, the only polite answer is “it was fine.” It doesn’t matter though, after an hour or so, everything is forgiven.
  8. “OMG…”
    The trip is all good and everyone’s having a great time until the realization dawns on you – driving here means driving back home again…with the same people. All the scenarios are running through your mind, and you know you’re stuck. Time to upload new music!

I love family trips but there’s no doubt about it, I dread being trapped in a car with my family for more than two hours. There’s no escape, and it feels like my parents just take this opportunity to ask me every question imaginable. They don’t understand that headphones mean I don’t want to talk. If you give any attitude, bless your soul because be prepared for snarky comments, silent glares, and lots and lots of lectures.

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