6 Summer Nail Colors You Need To Consider For Your Next Pedicure

It’s that time of year again! Open-toed shoe season is upon us, and what better way to embrace the warmer weather than to get that first pedicure of the season? This is my favorite time of year; it’s like Christmas for your feet. That’s right, it’s time to exfoliate the dead, winter skin off your heels and give those toes a fresh coat of paint! Having trouble deciding what color to slap on your nails? Let me help! Whether you are sassy and bold, or reserved and simple, we’ve got some great options for you!

Here are 6 fabulous colors to try at your next pedicure.

1. Navy Blue

This color may seem like a middle of winter classic, but it is so on trend. So rock it at the beach or poolside, and enjoy rocking your pretty blue toes! 

2. Peach/Orange

Want a warmer tone to match the warmer days? This color is perfect to compliment with those new sandals you’ve been dying to wear!

3. Purple

If you’re into softer, pastel colors, you can’t go wrong with a couple of coats of a light purple! It’s the perfect shade to take you from spring into summer

4. Hot Pink

Your inner Barbie Girl has no other color in mind but this fab fuchsia! It’ll definitely grab anyone’s attention, and hopefully it will include that cutie by the pool! 

5. Nude

On the opposite spectrum of pinks, we have the subtle and classy nude. These more subtle shades are perfect for the shy girl in us all.

6. Lime Green

Forget Corona and lime! The only lime you’ll be needing this summer is this bold color on your toes!

What polish fits you best? Whichever color you pick for your pretty piggies, you will definitely be ready to strut your stuff in those new sandals this summer! Rock those colors with confidence and enjoy the summer sun!

BEAUTY TIP: If you don’t see a color you like at the nail salon, have your faves ready in your purse to give to the technician!

Featured image via Juja Han on Unsplash


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