Are Your Drunken Words Really Sober Thoughts?

The weekend is our release. It is has become a way of life to have some drinks, to let loose, to set our spirits free, and to let go of all our worries. Alcohol actually has this effect on us whether we like it or not, and it seems like we just roll with it, confident that everyone at the Friday night bar is in the same drunken boat as we are.

Alcohol affects our brains and has this weird control over what words exit our mouths, but it also justifies our crazy slurs,  passionate exclamations and obnoxious hoots and hollers.

Think of all the poor taxi driver’s you’ve screamed at to take you to the closest pizza place. “PLEASE SIR, CAN WE TURN ON THE RADIO? Sir, I think you were supposed to turn left. Sir, how many children do you have? Do you have any gum? LISA, YOU SLUT, DANNY JUST TEXTED ME HE WANTS YOU! Let’s get jägerbombs!!

This is pretty inevitable and we’ve all been there, or at least been the Lisa when Becky outed your sex life to the cabby. This drunken shield is a way of life and one we use at our disposal.

what happens when people remember what you say?

What happens when your ex tells you he still thinks about you all the time. Or when your best guy friend fumbles his words while telling you he has feelings for you. Or when the guy you are trying to figure out is just a hookup thing, or could be something more, tells you he really likes you and hasn’t felt this way about a girl in a while. All while drunk.

Are these words something we can believe?

I want to know whether to get excited about what Tom said on Saturday night about the way he feels about me…

“But he could have just been drunk.”

I want to know whether I should be mad at my best friend for making that comment about me being annoying this week…

“But she was just really wasted.”

I want to know whether I should be saying something to Trevor about maybe being more than just best friends. I don’t know if he really meant it in that way because…

“He was super hammered.”

I feel I am always trying to decipher words spoken when people were tipsy, trashed, sloshed and hammered. Things come out of our mouths on these nights out when we are feeling a little more confident and a little more loose. We let our lips flow freely with words we might not have spoken sober, or we might not have had the courage to say, sober.

Is this our brains working into overdrive and becoming a little too wild? Screwing with how we really feel or what we really want? Are the little alcohol demons swiping away our morals and our filters and changing the way we really feel when we hit that point of no return after 10 vodka shots and the beer Trevor made you shotgun? (Ok, he didn’t make you, but he’s just so damn cute and impressing him was absolutely necessary).

Or, is this a question of confidence. Does the alcohol give us courage? Does it give us the strength to say what we never felt capable of before? Does it push us a little further into our truths? Does it make our brain wary of the true reality of our situation, allowing those filtered lips to become something of an open book, not realizing who may be around to hear.

Because really, if they were thoughts you didn’t conjure up yourself, where exactly did you get them? They must be coming from somewhere.

There must be some reason you felt inclined to text your ex. There must be some reason you felt the urge to kiss Trevor. There must be some reason you felt the need to make the snarky comment about Lisa’s attitude lately. There must be some reason for these things, so that must mean they come from truths, right?

Like I said before, it has become a trend to use alcohol as a way to let loose, as an instrument for freedom and as a tool to release and forget our worries. If this is the case, don’t you think those drunk words could mean they came from being in a place that’s a little more worry-free, a little let-loose, and a little more, well, true?

In my opinion, these drunk slurs are our mind’s secrets. Somewhere inside us, we meant to say it. Yet carefully kept hidden by the filter we use on our lips, in the face of drunk shenanigans they are let loose into the wild and free for anyone around to hear. The real answer here? Be careful how many tequila shots you have, babes. 

Featured image via Inga Seliverstova on Pexels


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