Why Loving You Was Like Playing With Fire

I put the lid on the candle,

watch the flame burn smaller

and smaller as it’s being deprived

of oxygen

until it’s so dim that I think

it’s about to go out.

At the very last second possible

I snatch the lid off, and

the flame glows yellow again

as the air flows back

As a kid, that was such a fun game.

It was a way I could play with fire,

And never get burned.

Now I realize that this game is what it’s like to love you.

We can be burning bright going strong and then seemingly out of nowhere a lid covers us.

I’m deprived of oxygen for a moment,

almost about to give up and call it quits.

Just walk away.

It wasn’t worth the fight anyway.

But then something amazing happens.

You take off the lid.

You kiss me

and your lips

have the power to flood me with


and gives us space to glow again.

It’s a cycle that will never end

Until one of us is done playing

Or one of us gets burned.

Featured image via Åaker on Unsplash


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