5 Shots You Can Easily Down Without Tasting The Alcohol

If you ain’t gettin’ drunk, get the f*ck out the club. If you ain’t takin’ shots, get the f*ck out the club. (Let’s be honest, every single one of you read that sentence in Lil’ Jon’s voice.)

tumblr_mme12k4pHc1rgdau2o1_500Alcohol influences youth culture to the extreme. From #TacoTuesday to #ThirstyThursday, there’s always an excuse to go out and drink. Loud music, laughter, cheesy dance moves, and good friends make getting turnt an all-around great experience. However, alcohol doesn’t always sit well with the taste buds of some people and a bad drink can ruin your night.

Drinking is a fun part of hitting the club scene, but for the young adults that don’t appreciate the taste of straight liquor, there is a never-ending array of shots available. Some of these magical shots are so good at pretending they don’t have alcohol in them, that they’re probably more dangerous than some specialty drinks… Drink responsibly. Here are 5 shots, shots, shots that you can chug without tasting the alcohol:

1. It’s always fun to have a Blowjob at the bar. Those party girls Bailey and Kahlua bring a little innuendo and excitement to your drink. Cover them in whipped cream, put your hands behind your back, and you’ll have the undivided attention of every thirsty frat boy within bottle-popping radius.

2. The idea of Buttery Nipple sounds both gross and intriguing. The reality probably wouldn’t be very sexy or very pleasant, but the shot is a party crowd fave. Party girl Bailey is back, but this time she brought a few Schnapps to the shindig. It’s quite entertaining to see the smirks and wink-wink, nudge-nudge going on between two dude-bros as they order buttery nipples. Really makes a girl wonder exactly how often they get laid if that drink name alone makes them giggle.

3. Lemon Drop shots are a sweet and tart treat to the palette. Lemon vodka, triple sec, and lemon juice make your lips pucker for a quick minute, but it can be quite refreshing. They probably won’t get you drunk, but they’ll be delightful for your taste buds. These shots make almost everybody happy (for a while, at least?).

4. Just because you like an Absolut Bitch doesn’t mean you are one. Who doesn’t love to hang out with the mean girls of liquor? A shot of Absolut vodka, some good ol’ Bailey’s, the ever-popular Kahlua and Tuaca make a shot that’ll make you get low in your highest pair of heels.

5. Passed Out Naked In The Bathroom is one of those specialty shots that you don’t hear about often. That’s because it’ll eff you up quickly. If you want a quick route to tipsy town, chug a shot of Bacardi Rum 151, Jose Cuervo Gold tequila, Jägermeister and Rumple Minze. you’ll be on your way to making bad decisions, but great stories before the third round.

Finding your ideal drink can be a struggle. Some people don’t like super sweet drinks and some people swear by them. Others like drinks that are two shakes away from tasting like gasoline. We all have our individual preferences, and part of the adventure is figuring out what you like most.

Drinking is only fun if you actually like the way your alcohol tastes. If you can’t stomach straight liquor, then try one (or all) of these shots! There’s a drink out there for everyone, so don’t give up hope just yet.

Featured image via Ardalan Hamedani on Unsplash


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