6 Surprisingly Healthy Desserts That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Yes, you are not mistaking. EASY. HEALTHY. SWEETS. Every time you are craving something sweet or your friends showed up unexpectedly for afternoon tea AKA drinking party, don’t rush to a nearby shop to buy the whole stock of chocolate bars and cookies. Rather, try these quick and easy recipes you can make in your own home. Most of them will take you only several steps and minutes to make. You’ll just need a food processor or blender. YAY! Check out these recipes that will change your life immediately:

1. Raw nut truffles

The easiest recipe is to put any kind of nuts and some dates into a food processor and just turn on this baby until the mixture starts to stick and becomes a ball. Place it in the fridge for several minutes. Now you can form your truffles. You can play with ingredients. If you add cacao powder, it will taste like chocolate candies. I like adding a bit of coconut oil for a bounty smell. You should definitely try the seven-minute-choco-almond truffles recipe by Green Kitchen Stories.

2. Ooooh-so-magic mousse

Just blend bananas, avocado, cacao powder and some nut butter. Leave it in the fridge for some time. Voilà! Nothing easier. You can play here too, adding vanilla extract, and even coffee or milk. But promise me, you won’t start eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The chocolate mousse by Green Kitchen Stories is waiting for you.

3. Oatmeal cookies/squares

There is nothing better than a homemade oat cookie with a cup of tea/coffee or glass of milk/wine (pick yours). You can choose any type of cookies: vegan or with eggs and milk, with nuts, fruit or berries. Just mix oats, honey, milk or eggs, nuts, or other ingredients you choose and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes. I recommend you the recipe of Blueberry Porridge Squares from Deliciously Ella.

4. Raw snickers

You will stop buying Snickers in a store after you try this nutty, tasty guy. It is also raw and does not have white sugar, glucose syrup, milk, wheat or emulsifiers like a store-bought one. Check the recipe of raw snickers by Heart to Plate.

5. Coconut and berry mousse

The mousse is creamy, fruity, and pink. Best combination for a dessert, don’t you think? All you need is to blend coconut crème, nut butter, avocado, berries, and honey. You can make it look even more dreamy with some raspberries and coconut flakes. You should try Coconut and Raspberry Mousse by Deliciously Ella.

6. Raw frozen cheesecake

My friend and I actually ate this whole cheesecake in one day… You’ll need to be patient. Not only with eating the whole thing in couple of hours, but it requires 1-2 hours in the freezer before serving. If you are ready to make such a sacrifice, then take a look at the Frozen Pink Cheesecake recipe by Green Kitchen Stories.

Healthy doesn’t necessarily mean complicated or long to cook. It can also mean super tasty. You can find it out yourself with these recipes. Even though they are easy, quick, and healthy, they are still sweet, even without added sugar. There is also plenty of food blogs with nutritious and yummy recipes, which definitely break the stereotype about healthy diets being “boring”.

Featured image via Delphine Hourlay on Pexels


  1. these all look so amazing. I’m trying to go vegan so a lot of these desserts I can actually have and will also satisfy my huge sweet tooth

  2. Sometimes these website are so confusing. One tell you something is healthy and another one say it isn’t, I say eat in moderation. Exercise and no when to push yourself away from the table.


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