Why Women Are Multitasking Superheroes

How many of us today have the opinion that women are just born as multitaskers? But among those of us who share that opinion, how many of us are not proud to be that multitasking super-women that we are today?

This poem called “The woman’s ballad” walks you through what us women do in this kaleidoscope of life!

It’s no sacrifice at all…

Few are not the sacrifices made,

for life and love and all in between,

small are the returns paid,

for life is life you see?

Day in and day out,

donning many a hat,

are we magicians?

Or just some with magic hands.

Healers are we in all that we touch,

willing that ill away,

mothers we be,

by birth and role,

cajoling any and all that crave care.

Dreams and dreams are spun on these,

in springtime merry of blossoms and sparrows,

many a ponder in such gentle breeze,

through foggy winters with brighter tomorrows.

Like willows in the wind,

swaying and bending,

though never a break in form.

All to do will be done in time,

with little time to do for oneself,

yet a happy giving soul we meet

as life is life you see?

Oh the life then meanders through,

seeking a path of life and love,

the crashing waves of seas so blue,

a happy heart then gazes afar.

All that you are, is all that you need to be.  

Photo by Caitlyn Hastings on Unsplash


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