From Frappe To Latte: What Your Coffee Preference Says About You

For whatever reason, once you hit college you’re suddenly a caffeine fiend. We bend all the dorming rules trying to sneak our Keurig’s on campus. Our parents think we blow all of our money on alcohol, but the truth is that coffee is really expensive. Whether it’s the new Starbucks’ Flat White or straight up, we each have our own favorites, and those defining coffee signatures say a lot about who we are as individuals.

You like everything in its most simplistic form – no need for anything added. You’re an old soul and have a deep appreciation for how things were meant to be. Coffee wasn’t meant to have added flavors and if it was, they’d be added right into the coffee bean. You’re the type of person that gets easily lost in a bookstore, totally invested in random conversations with the elderly, and DVR-ing the History channel like there is no tomorrow. As a black coffee drinker, you have a tendency to come off as a know it all and your friends would say that’s your biggest downfall.

Holiday Seasonal
If you dig seasonal drinks, you’re probably more outgoing than the average (cup of) Joe. You wait anxiously for the PSL, the Gingerbread Latte, and the Mocha Cookie Crumble frappe. Obviously, all of the above wind up on your Instagram with a matching border frame. You’re social and easily excited. You scope out the best concerts to go to, the best sales at the mall, and likes to read Cosmo. As a fast-paced socialite, sometimes your friends feel like they can’t keep up with you.

McCafe Mocha
You’re infinitely too busy to get caught up in the Starbucks lines. Budgeting is your thing, which is why you swing through the drive-thru to get your caffeine fix before work. With that being said, you’re also into your career. You’re focused on making it and your passion and determination allows you to soar. No one could ever say you don’t put 110% into everything you do.  You’re the type of person that goes to company parties, volunteers to run marathons, and are more than willing to pull all-nighters to finish a project. Your friends definitely say you’re a bit of a workaholic and take on too many commitments.

Java Chip Frappe
The milkshake-y texture is what draws you to this drink, but the no-coffee taste is what keeps you hooked on it. To be honest, you don’t even really like coffee that much. You really haven’t experimented with different flavors, and that definitely shows in your regular life. You stick to what’s safe, the tried and true. It could be 24 degrees outside, but you will faithfully stand by your frozen drink. You’re the type of person who always studies in the same corner of the library, tries to park in the same area every single day, and religiously orders the same entrée when you go out to eat. Variety is the spice of life, and your friends wish you would expand a little.

While we are all either hooked on coffee or just play pretend, our differences draw us to different types of beloved caffeine. Our uniqueness provides the spice to life, or maybe just the flavored syrup in our lattes. Even though our mochas are perfectly drizzled, we just have to accept that we all have our flaws! Sip away, coffee lovers.

Featured image via Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash


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