How Nature Taught Me That A Little Patience Goes A Long Way

There is so much that we can learn from in nature. Back in school, for a long time, I sat near a window. And sometimes, when I looked out, I would see these monkeys chattering away and basically just hanging out near a big banyan tree. One such time, I noticed this young monkey who would go to a particular tree and keep glancing at it. It took me a few days to realize that the monkey was ever so patiently, with great trepidation, waiting for the tree to bear fruit. Now, that is the day I learned what patience is and the fruit that patience bears. This poem is my take on what I saw that day.

Monkey and the fruit…           

Monkey sits idly by,

Thinking, why oh why,

Tree, O large tree,

O dainty tree,

Give me some fruit,

Almighty tree!

Monkey sits pondering on,

Thinking, now is it?

Tree, not a stir nor a wake,

Just the usual blabber of wind,

And shake.

Monkey, so pouts and stares,

Thinking, when oh when?

And thus comes the warmth,

And so goes the cold,

Fall and fall all away.

Monkey, jump up then down!

I see! I see!

A stir, a wake!

Small sprout, I wait to take!

Monkey, pace and pace,

So greedy but in a daze!

Tree, sprout and break,

Open out for your sake!

Monkey, grab, grab,

And away…

Oh the wait,

Now reward,

So gay,

And away


Seems like patience is a virtue is it not? Nature does offer life lessons, if only you will stop and watch. Measure every thought, every decision and action. That patience will then reward you!

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash


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