Guys Share What They Really Think When You Wear Leggings

Leggings started out as a way to wear skirts and dresses in the colder months (and a way to wear them to schools with ridiculous dress codes.) But for the past few years, it has become fashionably acceptable for them to double as pants themselves.

Lots of people have called into question the classiness of the fashion trend. But, for the most part, they can be pulled off nicely, as long as they’re paired with a longer shirt or sweater. The majority of the debates and comments have always come from ladies themselves, but have you ever wondered how guys feel about this fad?

My husband was picking me up from the subway station recently and saw a girl wearing leggings, he immediately commented that he can’t imagine wearing those in this weather without freezing. I explained to him that there are different kinds of leggings made with different material and some are surprisingly warm. I couldn’t help but wonder if all guys are truly this unaware about how leggings work. So, I decided to survey men about their thoughts when they see girls wearing leggings to find out!

Overall, guys aren’t loving the leggings. While many guys actually do believe girls look great in them (mostly because they show off their bum), the majority of guys are either concerned about your body temperature in winter or feel they aren’t suitable as pants.

When asked what they think when they see a girl wearing leggings, here’s what a few guys had to say:

About wearing leggings in the cold:

“I wonder how they can wear them without freezing! And I’m curious as to how it even became popular.”

“Can’t be warm in the winter.”

Those don’t even look like pants. Are those pants?

About showing off their butt in leggings: 

“If they’ve got the body to rock it, then nice.”

“Wow. That’s a nice bum.”

It might be obvious that I stare, but I can’t stop.

Leggings as a fashion choice:

“I don’t mind them, but not everyday. I like to see girls in dresses, skirts, jumpers, etc, too. I’m pretty fashion forward so a girl who switches up her style will catch my eye versus leggings everyday.”

“Maybe they’re going to the gym?”

“Over-used as pants.”

So what’s the verdict? It seems men generally don’t exactly “get” the trend here. If looking good for your boyfriend is a priority, you may want to leave the leggings on the rack. But remember ladies, it’s your body and you can choose what goes on it. Leggings are easy, comfortable clothes to wear in your day-to-day life. Whatever you do and however you dress when you do it, make sure it makes you happy. Everyone’s opinion is valid but when it comes to you, your opinion should be number one.

Featured image via Elly Fairytale on Pexels


  1. I love legging there comfortable on me as. I was 18 yrs old as i was getting ready for my close friend how ask me (truth or dare ) as i said dare he dare me to dress in some of my moms clothing before he came over to. As we spend the day together as we decided to hit the mall an take in a movie as i’m dress as he said another dare for me to go to the mall an movies as dress as you do you will get 5,000,00 dollars cash the same day as i said ok to that. As i went into my moms wardrobe drawer i found moms blk pantys an bra set,suntan pantyhose,blk legging,fushia top as i slip moms pantys an bra as her pantyhose an leggings as fushia top as. I was all dress in moms clothing as i style my hair in to a ponytail an added make- up on as foundation,fushia/pink eyeshadow,blk eyeliner.blk mascara,fushia/pink/fushia blush on ,24/7 red/pinkish lipstick,24/7 lip sealer as i was done with the hair an make-up as i look in moms mirror as i look cute as a women i thought i slip her blk sweater on as i had to slip on moms 6″peep open toe mules/straps on my feet as. I walk down the hallway to the livingroom as. I wait for my friend as my mom came home for lunch an saw me dress in her clothes as she ask what going on as it a dare.

    Yours Truly
    G Martinez
    ( AKA :.MONICA. )

  2. Oh boy! So it’s my body and I can do what makes me feel happy. I think I’ll paint my legs and not wear anything in pubic and I’m 100 lbs overweight.

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