Someday Someone Will Thank You For Letting Me Go

Everything about a breakup feels permanent. It can be hard to handle seeing a face you used to see all the time. Sometimes, it even feels impossible. Especially if the relationship was one of the more exciting things you had going on. 

We’ve all been caught up in someone else to a point where we forget about ourselves.

It’s one of the downfalls of love that’s often cloaked and hidden in romance. 

Being with someone is exciting and can make you feel like you’re a part of something big and special. Relationships make you feel more confident, cared for, and like you’re on top of the world. They can also be very distracting, especially if there’s a lot of drama. 

While successful relationships give you space to grow, the not-so-successful ones hold you back. 


Not to brag, but getting distracted by relationships is kind of my thing. I pay so much attention to my SO and their goals that I completely lose sight of my own. And I sort of hate to say this out loud, but the end result is not totally worth the time and sleep I’ve lost. 

Relationships are great, and I am by no means advocating banning them in order to find yourself.

While you should stay open to love, you should also be cautious.

Protect your time because it’s valuable, you feel me? 

But the most important lessons are usually learned the hard way. So when those all-consuming relationships end, the world can feel like dark, scary, lonely place. 

In some cases, a breakup can even feel like you starting over with a whole new life. 

While that task alone is overwhelming enough to send a broken-hearted person spiraling into a pit of depression, you have to stay strong. You have to find the silver lining somewhere. 

Sure, you lost the love and companionship of a very important person. But you finally have the time and focus to give back to someone you’ve been ignoring for way too long: yourself. 

You can take those piano lessons. You can go back to college. Or, you can plan for that backpacking trip across Europe. 

Perspective is the most important thing you can have when trying to move on from a breakup.

Let go of the past, and stop romanticizing it.

Look forward to the time you now have for yourself. This isn’t the end of your life. It’s the beginning.  

Originally written by Emily Blackwood on YourTango

Photo by Gustavo Lanes on Unsplash



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