Why A Summer Fling Makes You Feel So Damn Good

The beautiful sunny days, the warm summer nights, new adventures with your friends, and the overall freedom to be the young adult you are. They all contribute to what makes the summer so wonderful. However there’s one thing missing. A significant other.

Meeting someone in the warmer months can either be extremely good for you, or absolutely soul crushing. Unless you have a good handle on the idea of something  only being a summer fling, it’s likely the latter. Sadly for a majority of young women, they don’t and it usually results in bittersweet feelings.

There’s something exciting about meeting someone in the summer sunshine. You have a lot of free time to spend together. And the best part is that you don’t have to be confined to just evenings and weekends.

The options of dates are endless; morning hikes, breakfast, morning cuddles while your parents are away (if you still live at home that is), swimming in your pool for the afternoon, walking each other’s dogs together, and road trips to the cottage for a day or weekend at the lake. During the rest of the year, these date ideas aren’t usually possible, so you make the most of your time together.

In my opinion, summer relationships are usually full of lust,

not always love.

Obviously everyone is different and every couple isn’t the same… I find because the season is such a unique time, it’s easy to catch feelings for someone. The weather is beautiful, you feel more confident with your sun-kissed skin, he’s showing off his muscles in all the right ways, the longer days, the different activities to do… It creates a romantic environment.

Sometimes there are those lucky few who do have a very successful romance during this time of year. The hell raising heat of the summer doesn’t just refer to the humidity we experience.

I feel like in a lot of cases both men and women have this mentality that if you’re both home in the same town for summer break, once August comes to an end, so will your relationship. People are crushed and go into a new school year full of heartbreak. It’s like the convenience of only being together for a few months will give the other person the temporary fix they need and going to separate schools is an easy cop-out. That or they’re afraid of doing a long distance relationship.

While there’s something timeless and exciting about having a summer fling/romance. All good things do come to an end. If you manage to catch a nice piece of Bass (and I’m not talking about the fish), keep a positive attitude and continue doing what you’re doing. And if you do experience heart-break, enjoy listening to Summer Love by One Direction. Because it sums up the situation pretty damn well.

Featured image via Roberto Nickson on Unsplash


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