6 Clothing Hacks You’ll Be Sad You Didn’t Know About Earlier

I love fashion, convenience and I especially love affordability. It’s unfortunate that more times than not, these three things do not go hand in hand. One day I’ll make a silent vow to only shop at Value Village ever again, but the next I’m gripping my gold card in line at Kate Spade’s winter line launch promising myself it’ll be worth every penny. I am constantly facing those inevitable moments where I have nothing to wear, and wish I could just buy everything brand new to replace all the old ripped, stained and knotted outfits that I once loved.

To win myself back the faith I’ve lost in the fashion world, I decided it was necessary to come up with some ways that other college students, like me, could struggle maybe just a bit less when getting ready in the morning. It was time to find a way for broke students to make the most out of their old clothing, without having to spend a fortune buying new. Here’s my list of 6 clothing hacks that you definitely haven’t heard of, but need in your life:

  1. Wear your undies over top of your tights.

Like many young girls who would rather flaunt their silky smooth, ready for a Venus razor commercial legs…I hate tights. I love how they look and keep my legs slightly covered during the chilly winter months, but keeping those things where they are supposed to be is next to impossible…don’t even get me started on the rips that result in all the tugging and pulling. There is a solution here; most tights have an inner lining so that you technically don’t have to wear undies (ya right). But if you wear your undies ON TOP of the tights, you can pretty much guarantee that they stay in place without having to wear big clunky spandex shorts under your skirt. And for those annoying rips and runs? Try clear nail polish!

  1. Wear two bras on the first date.

Not only will your boobs look perky and fab, but your chances of sleeping with them right away will probably decrease. No need to buy a $60 double push up from Victoria Secret, and no need to feel the guilt that follows an unplanned sexual encounter. Many of us take that silent ‘I will not sleep with him’ oath right before a first date, but then halfway through the night get some sexually tense vibes and truly can’t help ourselves. The two bra trick will keep you morally sound for sure, at least until the second date that is.

  1. Pack your necklaces on a straw.

The dreaded tangled web of chains and jewels that seem to coincide with every overnight trip you have ever been on? That problem’s about to end. Threading your chain through the straw then re-hooking the clasp (or part of a straw in the case of bracelets) will actually help keep your jewelry separate and fight against that knotted mess that we all hate.

  1. Put your jeans in the freezer.

Freezing your jeans may sound a little wacky at first but it actually reduces that old worn denim/coppery smell a ton. Even if you’ve washed them 3x in a row, sometimes older jeans just stink. Put them in a ziplock and leave them in the freezer overnight, there won’t be damage to them and they’ll keep a much fresher scent.

  1. Drier sheets are bae.

Use them e v e r y w h e r e. The other day my roommates and I were shopping at Sephora, and one of them almost bought a $90 perfume that literally smelled like laundry. Sure, everyone loves to smell fresh, but you can accomplish this by simply packing dryer sheets in your suitcase for vacations, hanging them on the hooks of your clothes in your closet, or in your shoes when they’re a little too worn in. Never smell sweaty or stinky again with these little lifesavers.

  1. Magic erasers are a worthy side-bae.

Use these to clean the scuffs off shoes, phone cases, and purses without having to use harsh chemicals, excessive water, and especially no bleach. They’ll be looking clean as new in no time. Thank you Mr. Clean.

From first dates, to that white purse you have that appears to be a dirty beige, you are bound to use these hacks at some point in your college career. Being away from mom and dad means no more heavy-duty workshop tools to pull apart your necklaces, and no more trusted laundry systems either. Have any comments on how you keep your hair from being pulled out during fashion faux pas? I’d love to hear about them below.

Featured image via Sara Che.


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