7 Signs You Need To Drop Everything And Book A Vacation

The holidays are over and it’s back to reality – the routine of school, work, and an attempt of a social life. It’s only the first week back and you’re already done with reality. Maybe you weren’t the lucky one who got to go away for the holidays, or maybe you were stuck working, or in your hometown doing absolutely nothing except being stressed out by family members. Maybe you just got back from a vacation but you’re already ready to disappear again.

Here are 7 signs that you need to book a trip, and get away right now:

  1. You Feel Stuck
    You have your routine down to a T, and there is nothing exciting happening. Your week consists of either school, work, or both, Monday – Friday, going out on Friday/Saturday, and sleeping in on Sunday. There is no surprise, and you feel like you need to escape.
  2. The Wanderlust Is Real
    You dream of your next vacation constantly, and all you can talk about is how you want to travel, and how you feel stuck (See #1). Most days, you just want to leave everything behind and travel for a year. You’ve probably looked up or applied for jobs overseas so you can leave.
  3. You’re Caught Up In Past Travels
    Hours are probably spent looking at your old photos, or creeping your travel buddy’s past photos. Any time you see someone post a status about traveling to a place you’ve been to, you don’t hesitate to tell them to visit certain places or tell them how much you loved going there.
  4. F*ck Other Travelers
    You’re happy for your friends traveling – you swear that you are but you can’t help but feel a bit jealous (Okay, a lot jealous). You wish you could be them, and you constantly tell them that you’re jealous or that they’re soooooooo lucky. You wish you could be them, and you probably live vicariously through their travel Snapchats, Instagram posts, and Facebook updates.
  5. Weekly Road Trips Are Your Best Friend
    Your desire to travel is so strong that you’ve dedicated your weekends to going on day trips outside the city. Even if it’s only an hour or two away, you have reserved your Saturdays to go on trips because a day trip is better than nothing.
  6. Travel Websites Make Up Your Favorites Tab
    Travel quizzes, lists like this, and travel sites make up your saved pages. You are consistently looking for travel deals, and swear you will buy one as soon as you see a good deal. You’re on Kayak every day looking for cheap flights to your next destination, and you already have a list of places you want to travel to next.
  7. You’re Done With Life
    You’re annoyed with everyone, you’re done with all that is happening in life, and you’re just in general – done. You have no motivation, and you probably spend more time figuring out ways to get out and away from everyone than you actually do working.

It’s time to stop making excuses, take advantage of your free time, and make the plunge. Travel and immerse yourself in a different culture – even if it is only for two days or two weeks. You’ll probably find yourself feeling more refreshed compared to before. You can find a million excuses for not being able to travel but you will constantly day-dream if you don’t go out and do so.

Featured image via Riccardo Bresciani on Pexels


  1. I like that you mention that if you are feeling stuck you should look into taking a vacation to help you escape. My husband mentioned that after his first year of med school he is ready for something new and different. I think we should look into a long term cabin rental for a while since he doesn’t need to be in school for a few weeks.


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