You Can’t Even: 10 Pet Peeves That Drive You Absolutely Insane


What is something that gets under your skin? You know when you are in a “mood” and then something pops out of nowhere and irritates you even further? Those are what one would call pet peeves. They are not cute or cuddly, they are more annoying than you could ever imagine. There are just some things that can really tick us off to the point where we just have to write about it. I’ve compiled a list of relatable pet peeves that are sure to make you relive those cringe-worthy moments that left you annoyed and…peeved.

1. Extremely Slow People

Don’t you hate when you’re in a hurry and there is a couple holding hands, taking up the ENTIRE sidewalk because they are walking as if everyone has the time. Or maybe those people who don’t understand that fast traffic is in the left lane but the slowest cars decide to block every possible lane option. STAY ON YOUR SIDE!

anigif_enhanced-23180-1411494972-1 2. Bad Service

We live in the day and age of technology. You won’t walk past a person and not witness one without a smartphone in their hands, texting away. However, the worst thing about technology is losing service during a really important texting convo and then you start waving your phone in the air trying to catch signal.

giphy-1 3. Smackers

Nothing is more gross than seeing someone’s food sloshing around their mouth. You sit there trying to enjoy your meal with that going on and then the person sitting next to you is popping their gum.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-21700-1361764021-1 4. Someone Who Asks For Advice and Does the Exact Opposite

Why in the world people ask for help if they don’t want to take it? That never made sense to me. I mean if you already had the answer to the question, why’d you even ask?

justin-bieber-surprising-not-really 5. Wobbly Tables

Going to a restaurant and being sat down at a table that is unstable is so annoying. When the food gets delivered, the other person’s plate of food slides onto your lap when you accidentally place your elbows on the table.

tumblr_m6w869nnew1qjd1y3o1_500 6. The People Who Bring Their Baby to a Movie

Babies don’t understand half of the things that their parents are saying so why bring them to a movie? Not only do babies poop and eat a lot, they cry, and cry, and cry. Don’t bring a baby to a movie, we’re trying to watch!

944a78c2 7. When People Don’t Replace the Toilet Paper Roll

This is a bit TMI but when going to the bathroom and the roll is empty and you’re stuck on the toilet wondering what you have to do now. The worst is when you’re at someone’s house and you have no idea where their stash of toilet paper is.

shit_kings_speech 8. When People Read A Text and Don’t Respond

If you can post on Instagram and every other social media account, it is pretty obvious that you are on your phone. Like come on, can you not take two seconds to text back, the anticipation is killing me!

anigif_enhanced-26852-1440644466-2 9. People Who Have Smartphones and Can’t Spell Out “you” and Instead Use “u”

It’s not longer the era of flip phones and texting shortcuts, we all should be able to properly spell out words as simple as “you.”

Rachel-come-on 10. People Who Stare

Can I help you? Didn’t your parents ever teach you manners when you were little? Staring is rude and a bit creepy. I mean, take a picture, it will last longer.

giphy From smackers to wobbly tables, pet peeves are a daily occurrence, if you’re that unlucky to encounter them on a day-to-day basis. Pet peeves are pesky little things and can also be great conversation starters. There is bad blood between many people because of pet peeves like these, and each one of them has a way of pushing our buttons. What makes you tick?

Featured Image via screengrab of She’s The Man.


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