6 Things To Do With Your Life If You Don’t Want Kids

My best friend doesn’t want kids, and when people find out they’re shocked. But, hate to break it to you, we are living in a time where people aren’t having children. It’s turning into a normal decision, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Your life won’t suck if you decide not to have kids. You won’t be a lonely lady with a million cats (unless you want to be that person). Here’s what you can do with your life instead of having kids.


You can travel when you have kids, but it can be more expensive. I mean, you’re paying triple the price. If it’s just you, it’s cheaper! And you don’t have to pick a family friendly place. Wine and dine in Spain, take an adventure in Greece, or backpack throughout Europe. Whatever it is, it’ll be fun to embrace yourself in the culture.

Get ready, in peace.

If you have a toddler, get ready for them to stare at you while you pee. If you have a kid, they become your shadow, so say goodbye to peace and quiet! Also, you’ll be able to enjoy hot coffee, because you can drink it right away without having to worry about where your kids are. You can focus on yourself while getting ready and you won’t have to make sure your teenager is awake and getting dressed for school.

Sleep in, or all day on the weekend.

When you have kids, you’re up when they are up. Unless you have a teenager, maybe you can sleep in. But, they are probably waking you up asking for a ride somewhere. Think about this, it’s going to be 17 years before you can sleep in again if you have children.

Dance, and watch Netflix.

Flaunt around your house in your underwear with the music cranked. Why? Well, because why not? You don’t have anyone to “teach lessons” to. While you’re at it binge watch Netflix because you don’t have to teach kids that too much TV is bad.

Find a hobby.

Try something different, because you have the time to do it. If you have kids, you’re busy driving them to soccer, dance class, and piano lessons. When would you ever find the time to start a new hobby? Maybe when the kids are in bed, but you’d be exhausted. Take advantage of not having children, and learn something new!

Take advantage of your friends with kids.

Go and see your family members, or friends with kids, and get your fill. The best part is, you can give them back! If they just had a baby, you can cuddle with him or her, but once they start crying… Hand them back! It’s a win-win situation.

I could keep on going, but you should create a list of what you would do if you don’t have a family. Even if you do have kids one day, this list could encourage you to do things before you settle down. It’s important to live the life you can now before having kids. Get it out of you!

But, also remember, it’s okay to not want kids. A lot of people are deciding not to now!

What would be on your list?

Featured image via Jake Melara on Unsplash


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