It’s Time To Speak Up About The Lack Of Love In This World

Do you know what is the best thing about life? It is living it. I’d be lying if I said that my shoes are easy to lift when I walk through my life. I struggle, I stumble, but it’s also my job to keep moving on. It is the hardest thing to do, I know. The reason it’s so difficult is most humans are not supportive.

Look at the world around us! I believe you will see laughter, attainment, fondness, and indulgence. We blind ourselves from pain. Don’t you hear the teardrops? The children howling for food? Don’t you hear the silence, of ones nowhere to be found since the world has shut down the life they were dreaming of?

When I open my eyes, I realize that I am not the one who is suffering. There are humans that do supplicate for gaiety more than I. You can’t really say you’ve opened your eyes if you only choose to see the people you love; your family, your friends. It should be your accountability to make them not suffer, shouldn’t it? So, whenever they feel low, I believe that you directly move your heart to help them. You are happy when they are too; plain and simple! But in another case – the case of a stranger, someone living in a country you can not pronounce, someone who praises God in a different way, someone with different skin color, someone with ‘not common’ sexuality, someone outside of your mind – you don’t give a damn.

Whether you swallow God, science, both, or even none of them, consider this basic rule: “Human is human, no matter what.”

What makes me sick is that some think that they are the only humans who matter. The rest? They are simply trash, just a joke. Those humans think that they have power to control others, to choose which ones to love, to decide which people belong in society. What’s worse is some people “define” society to ensure that the whole world uses the same standard.

I worry about how humans can even believe that they are human. From what I have seen, they are not. Remember the Orlando nightclub shooting back in June, 2016? We lost forty-nine innocents for nothing.  It’s not their fault; yet “society” despises them – wants them gone! Even animals have the nature to save each each other’s blood.

Have we already forgotten about our nature as humans?

Tragically, anything that people consider “different” will advance a reason to obliterate them. Are some humans really not human in our eyes? Have you looked in the mirror and asked the same question: “Am I not human? Do I not deserve to live?”

I hope that you are not the people I am referring to. However, please find those people and ask them to question themselves: “How human am I if I choose who deserves to be happy and who doesn’t? How human am I if I choose whom to laugh with and whom to laugh at? How human am I if I know that another human is in danger, but I choose to terminate him or her because things about him or her just don’t fit?”.

If you dig beyond your regular mind, you will find it easier to not give so many f*cks about ending people’s contentment. Why bother planning the demise of others? Jesus, it’s too much work with no reward. That is, unless you basically want to feel satisfaction from hurting people. You’ve grown used to it. Aren’t you tired? If I were you, I would stop hurting others for the sake of my own good.

Use your heart.

Don’t get wrapped up in how people find affection, how people pray, how people choose their lipsticks or clothes. If you want to do something so badly, just show some love for everyone. Loving will boost your mood. I guarantee that if you love others, they will not resent you.

Everyone should be happy. When you choose love over hate, you start the change. You’ll be the one to define “human.” You break down the walls that have limited people’s right to breathe freely without fear of being thrown out of the world. Your efforts will help eliminate someone’s problems. You care. You make a home out of the world, a door that doesn’t lead to a trap, a stairway that leads to a dream comes true. All of that can happen with love.

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash


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