8 Life Lessons You Didn’t Realize You Learned From Bachelor In Paradise

You owe your bartender!

We all love reality TV show for the same reason chivalry is pronounced dead – our unrealistic expectations when it comes to love. 

However, put a bunch of men and women on a Mexican island for a few weeks in hope they’ll like each other, and you’re guaranteed to get fireworks. In case you’re not familiar with the show, Bachelor In Paradise is a franchise of the oh-so-famous reality show The Bachelor. The show is aimed at the contestants which the bachelor/bachelorette send home, where they get a second chance on finding love…in Mexico.

I mean, if we can’t find love ourselves, we might as well embark on another’s journey on finding their one and only.

Bachelor In Paradise follows the contestants throughout a journey everyone can very well relate to – which is precisely what makes it so interesting. We’re all too familiar with the pain, the joy, the sadness, and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with finding love.

Bachelor In Paradise didn’t just offer me a good laugh and something to watch on a Sunday evening, but (surprisingly) gave me a brand new perspective on love.

For those of you who have been watching the show, I’m sure you can relate to these eight lessons Bachelor In Paradise taught us:

1. Stalking is caring

Whether you’re willing to admit it (or not), we’ve all stalked someone before. Whether it’s that cute guy you’ve gone out with once, an ex’s new girlfriend or simply someone your eyes met more than ones, stalking is a habit we’re all guilty off. But hey, stalking is caring…right?!

2. In life, you’re bound to meet someone…who really does believes in aliens

In reality TV shows as in actual reality, you’re likely to meet some people that are pretty crazy, but you’ll learn to love them anyways.

Truth be told, what entertainment would we have left if no one believes in aliens?

3. Your bartender knows your deepest secrets

Let’s face it, you may as well tip your bartender more for replacing the need for a shrink. Your bartender doesn’t just listens to your problems, he knows exactly that sometimes, all you need is let it out and drink some more wine.

4. It’s perfectly okay to cry

For those of you who’ve watched Bachelor In Paradise or Chris’s season on The Bachelor, there’s no doubt that we all wondered how much an individual can physically produce tears (seriously, Ashley.)

Turns out, sometimes all you need is just a good cry.

5. The worst thing you can ever do is lead someone on

Kirk and Carly, Carly and Kirk…Yes, I’m still shocked these former lovebirds did not have their happy ending. Throughout the entire season, these two seems the epitome of our idea of love. Their solid, warm relationship was one we all secretly envied, and hoped to find some day. Little did we know Kirk had a sudden panic attack and broke up with the woman that could very well have turned out to be his wife.

Follow your heart and take your brain with you. For your heart isn’t good at detecting things that your brain can see clearly, and your heart can make you do regrettable things that your brain could have told you a long time ago wasn’t very smart.

So, for all you beautiful people out there, if you don’t like someone, DO NOT PRETEND YOU DO. Leading someone on is like allowing someone to free fall without a parachute. The ride’s great, but you’ll fall face down in the end.

6. Learn to let go

For all of you who, like Ashley, thought you were in love with a person who didn’t love you back, know that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and getting hung up on one individual is pretty much pointless.

Because at the end of the day, the right person will pursue you actively instead of leaving you counting rose petals wondering if they like you back.

7. Alcohol is always the answer on an awkward date

Need I say more?

8. Happy endings do exist

I think I can speak for everyone that Tanner and Jade made us all believe in a fairy tale ending again.

Who knew you could find your future partner in life on a Mexican island?

While Bachelor In Paradise may only seem like another reality TV show, it’s actually so much more. You see and feel the emotions that are oh-so familiar. You empathize when you know how they feel like. You know what’s it’s like to get your heart broken. But you also know a happily ever happen is possible, and your love story isn’t over yet.

Better yet, it’s still unwritten.

Featured Image via screengrab from ABC’s Bachelor In Paradise


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