How To Get Drunk While Chris Soules Finds His Soulmate

Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for any stupid shit you do in result of this game. Happy drinking!

What’s a better way to spend your shitty Monday night, than watching others fall in love and find their, ‘soulmate’? Getting drunk, and watching others fall in love. This season on The Bachelor, Chris Soules is our lucky contestant. Unfortunately, for us, that means we have to endure the 30 crazy ass ladies he’s picking from. Woof.

chris harrison

While some of you ladies may have to no problems religiously watching this show every Monday night, I, however, need a bottle – or four – to make it through this painfully addicting TV show. If you’re anything like me, stock up on some bottles of wine or liquor, whatever your alcohol preference is, and let’s get this party started. Monday nights are going to suck less, but Tuesday mornings…well, we can all hope for the best.

its okay

Let’s play.

Sip It

Take a sip anytime someone makes an ignorant comment about the ‘positive’ future of their love life. Including but not limited to:

I’m here for the right reasons!”

“She’s not right for him!”

“I really want to be here!”

“This could be the man I’m going to marry!”

“I can’t believe this is really happening!”

“I just really want to find love!”

“I can see my wife being in this room!”

This is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.”

“There’s a rose on this date…”

I can really picture myself spending the rest of my life with her.”

Gulp It

Take a gulp anytime someone makes a fool of themselves – drunk or sober. Including but not limited to:

Crying because they’re being sent home.

Anytime there’s kissing. (And drink for the entire duration of that kiss.)

When a girl talks shit on one of the other girls.

Someone takes off their shirt/clothes.

Someone get’s drunk.

Confesses they’re “falling in love,” with Chris before the finale.

Sneaks away to go see Chris.

Slam It

Slam the rest of your drink anytime someone uses cliché words. Including but not limited to:





Dream come true.


Fortunately – or unfortunately (depends on how you look at it) for you, me, and our remaining brains cells, reality TV shows are so much better when drinking is involved. Please keep that in mind and remember this game is for entertainment purposes only. Also, remember to stop drinking if you find love at the bottom of your toilet bowl.

Please drink responsibly.

Featured image via Chris Soules on Instagram


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