10 Signs You’ve Become a Crazy Cat Lady

It’s time to reclaim the phrase “cat lady.” I have two black cats that keep me company and give me cuddles and make me happy, and if that makes me a cat lady, then so be it. There’s a fine line though, between being a cat lady (a normal, functioning human being who happens to love cats and have them as pets) and being a Crazy Cat Lady, as Urban Dictionary defines, “a woman that finds too much happiness in her cats. This often results in the following actions: dressing up her cats, taking videos and pictures of them, telling other people stuff about her cats that they do not care about, thinking that her cats are really intuitive”…you get the picture.

I may have crossed that line. Oops. Here are 10 sign that you indeed have become a crazy cat lady:

1. You’d rather smother your cat with love than have actual human contact.

Who needs a boy when you have a cat? Cat cuddles are just as effective, and they won’t complain that your hair’s in their face.

2. This. When this item of clothing makes practical sense to you, that’s when you know.

I really have no words for this one.


3. Your mom sends you pictures of your beloved cat while you’re away at school.

“Fluffy misses you.”  She better f***ing miss me, we’re practically in a committed long-distance relationship.

4. You become legitimately offended when others insult cats.

Don’t talk sh*t on my kin.

5. You converse normally with cats as if they were people.

They know what we’re saying. They know.

6. Cat hair also inhabits everything you possess.

You’ve found fur clinging to your comforter, your pants, and even your laundry. There’s no escaping it.

7. You have a bad habit of whipping out your phone at parties to show everyone the cutest photo you snapped of your cat the other day.

“The way she was looking at the camera, though. She’s such a little model, look at her.”

8. Your cats have a special place during the holidays.

Yes, Fluffy has her own Christmas stocking. And yes, I did buy her a birthday present. And I wrapped it.

9. You might as well be Animal Rescue.

Forget looking at the kittens up for adoption at Petsmart. Your heart will only break when you’re told you can’t take all of them home with you.

10. You cater to your cat’s every whim, even at your own expense.

“No, it’s okay, you can sleep on that blanket… I’ll just lay here in the cold…”

There’s no shame in loving your feline friends, but don’t be surprised when the phrase “cat lady” is used to describe you. I, for one, have accepted my fate. At least I’ll never be lonely, and at least I don’t smell like a litter box.

Featured image via We Heart It


  1. This is so funny and true! I could so see my boyfriend wearing the outfit in the picture for #2! To be honest, I definitely am guilty of #10. LOL! I have a story for every single point you mentioned. This was such a hilarious read! Great job!


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