Can’t Be Tamed: 18 Struggles Of Having Thick Hair

Thick hair and don’t care? Truth is, sometimes you can’t help but care. Anyone with thick hair knows that sometimes it can be a pain to manage. From breaking elastics to constant headaches to uncontrollable frizz, there are a lot of difficulties with having thick hair. Here are 18 problems anyone with thick hair is very familiar with.

1. You take twice as long as others to get ready because you have to style your hair.

You have been forced to become a morning person.

2. You use way more shampoo and conditioner than a normal person.


Those travel-sized bottles only last you for one wash.

3. You definitely need more than one box of hair dye.

It’s best to just go to the salon anyways.

4. It’s not sexy when your significant other runs their fingers through your hair.

They may actually lose a hand.

5. Your arms begin to hurt when you blow-dry your hair.

At least you’ve developed great arm muscles.

6. But if you let your hair air dry it will look more like a lion’s mane.

People start to confuse you with Simba.

7. You can’t wear a hat.

Two words: hat hair. Once the hat is on, it can’t come off.

8. All of your hair elastics break. All of them.

You have to spend a large chunk of your pay check replacing them.

9. You get horrible headaches every time you wear your hair up.


You plan your day around whether you’re wearing your hair up or down.

10. Humidity is the devil.

Your summers are usually spent inside avoiding what would be hell on Earth.

11. You shed more than the family dog.

But you keep insisting that it’s the family dog and not you.

12. You have nightmares about having to brush your hair.


See #13 for why.

13. Probably because you’ve broken a hairbrush once or twice.

Or they just get stuck in your hair.

14. Sleeping on wet hair is not an option.


It just takes way too long to dry.

15. Everything gets caught in your hair.

Necklaces, sunglasses, food…the madness never ends.

16. You can’t count on one hand the amount of hair products you use.

Anything to tame the beast.

17. And yet you still haven’t found a cure for all that frizz.

With hair this thick, frizz is inevitable.

18. You tried and instantly regretted bangs.

But they look so good on everyone else, why not on you?

Your hair may be a beast to manage, but at the end of the day everyone with thick hair knows they wouldn’t trade it in for the world. Your hair is always voluminous, can hold a style for days, and is awesome because it’s on your head. Whatever your texture of thickness-level, rock your hair with confidence because you know you look amazing.

Featured image via Helena Ije on Pexels


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