Being A Mom Doesn’t Mean Giving Up On Fun

Moms can have fun too!

Only moms really know that motherhood is one of the best jobs in the world. Every single day we get to enjoy laughter, hugs, and unconditional love while we watch the tiny humans we brought into the world grow into incredible people.

However, motherhood can also be very draining. We frequently sacrifice our wants and needs for our children because society tells us that’s part of the gig. Discernment matters in all aspects of our lives — even when it comes to having a little fun.

Moms Can Have A Social Life

From the day our kids enter our lives, they become the center of our universe. We love them with all of our hearts and constantly care for them to make sure they remain happy, healthy, and loved. No matter how much we love our kids, taking care of them doesn’t have to become our whole existence, though.

Having children doesn’t mean our social life needs to go completely out the window. In fact, marriage and family therapist Allen Wagner told SheKnows that women should never give up their friends or their identity for motherhood.

You shouldn’t feel guilty for grabbing dinner and drinks with coworkers occasionally or even going on a weekend trip with your girlfriends. It’s only natural for women to have friends and an active social life, and being a mother doesn’t mean that’s off limits!

Maintaining a healthy social life can help:

•Give mommy some time to unwind and relieve a bit of stress.

•Helps you stay in touch with who you are as a person.

•Lets your children see you as more than just a mom with zero personality.

•A healthy social life helps feed your soul.

•It can make a huge difference in helping you avoid parental burnout and depression.

Obviously, it might not be wise to spend all night drinking at the club, but we can enjoy a social life while also maintaining our parental responsibilities.

Moms Can Have Hobbies

While having your own tribe is important, moms don’t always need friends to have fun. In fact, moms can also enjoy some quality time with themselves as a sense of fun.

According to Bill Murphy Jr. with INC Magazine, children need to see their parents working and achieving. Whether or not you’re a working mom, maintaining hobbies can be a great way for moms to add a little fun to their lives and help their kids become successful too.

Your hobbies don’t have to be complex or time-consuming to provide you with some excitement. They just need to be something you find fun and stimulating.

Moms Can Maintain A Sex Life

Despite what many moms may think, your child’s birth doesn’t have to equal the death of fun in the bedroom. In fact, maintaining an active sex life with your partner is a great way to keep your life fun and exciting once you become a parent.

Relationship coach Dana Myers with Motherly says sex during motherhood requires partner communication, commitment, and willingness to make time for your partner, but it’s entirely possible.

Your relationship with your partner is just as meaningful as your relationship with your children. You may not be able to “get it on” anytime, anywhere, but you can absolutely have some pleasurable fun with your partner from time to time (and you should).

Despite what society may tell us, it’s okay for moms to have a little fun every once in a while. Parenting is an important job, but you can do it and carve out time for yourself too. It doesn’t have to be big or flashy — it just needs to make you happy.

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