6 Unusual Careers To Consider If Corporate America Isn’t For You

There aren’t many people fortunate enough to say they have the job of their dreams and are doing what they were born to. Frequently, we compromise our career aspirations and choose a vocational option that leaves us satisfied, not happy. We feel content with our salaries, but pray we’ll have free time to do the things we love. If you feel stuck in your current job, we’re here to help you discover which career is right for you.


Who doesn’t love chocolate? We get it, you think, “I’m not Juliette Binoche, I don’t live in a French village, and my life isn’t a movie.” However, being a chocolatier is actually an extremely fun and lucrative job. If you are able to make your way into the wedding business making chocolate wedding cakes, chocolate fountains, and other chocolatey delicacies, you might find that running a chocolate shop is profitablet. Being around chocolate is, of course, a huge plus!


If your friends say you’re funny and ask your opinions, why shouldn’t you get paid for your wit and persuasiveness? If you have a knack for writing and can tell a compelling story, try your luck as a columnist. You can write about relevant topics with good humour and intelligent sarcasm. Unfortunately, there are many ridiculous news happenings that you could make fun of every day. You would never run out of material!

Cruise Ship Musician

If you play an instrument and are with a band, performing on a cruise ship might be your best option. If you aren’t sure if you should dedicate your life to music, this could be the time for you. Ask your band mates to rehearse those evergreen dancing songs that we all know and love, and if they would audition for a cruise ship band with you. Performing on a cruise will change your life in so many ways. You will play every night, travel the world, and get paid to do what you love.

Beauty Salon Owner

Ladies, if you spend hours in beauty salons chatting up the owners, running a salon could be your perfect career. If you know your beauty products, makeup routines, you could take online beauty courses. This will expand your knowledge, and make you an expert. In your coursework, you will practice with trained technicians, mastering your favorite techniques. When you finish, you will have enough knowledge to set up your own beauty salon.

Diving Instructor

If you have always wanted to live near the sea, becoming a diving instructor is your chance to make your dreams come true. Most tourist destinations need diving instructors who are willing to take tourists on diving excursions. If the deep, mysterious ocean doesn’t scare you and you enjoy adventures, think no more, and just dive in. This career will allow you to stay physically active and earn good money in exotic locales like Thailand, Indonesia, or South Africa.  

Pet Sitter

If you are in love with animals and daydream about rescuing them all someday, become a pet sitter! Many people who spend a lot of time at work or travel frequently don’t have time to properly care for their pets. They need dedicated pet sitters who will keep their animals company and take them for walks. The best part of pet sitting is that you can choose your clients, set your own schedule, and enjoy spending time with amazing, loving animals.

Settling into a lackluster job may feel comfortable, but you will not be able to learn as much as you’d like, and sooner or later, you’ll feel stuck. Don’t spend your career counting down the hours in the office and wishing you were home doing something that makes you happy. Instead of living a life of regret and self-pity, start changing your path right now. Decide which career you would enjoy and go for it. There’s no better time than the present.

Feature Image by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash


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