18 Reasons Serious People Are Sexier, Smarter And More Successful

Let's get Serious...

 I don’t think you’re the right girl for him, you’re too serious.” My friend says.

“You’re the person we need for this job, you’re serious.” My boss says.

You don’t exactly need a college degree to realize where this is heading…

YES. I am SERIOUS. And for most of my life, I wanted to punch whoever called me that.

My reactions varied from an annoying look to the phrase “Go F*ck Yourself,” but my resentment towards this word never changed.

Until Now.

For those of you, like me, who’ve been called serious, know that this isn’t a bad thing…on the contrary. Let me give you 18 reasons why this is actually, one of the best compliments you can ever get:

1. You don’t spend your weekend wasted

You know the consequences of your actions. You know a bottle (or two) of tequila won’t make your problems go away. So instead of drinking your worries away, you dedicate your weekend to hitting the gym and catching up on your favorite Netflix shows with your friends or alone. You care more about your body than a party. Either way, it’s your decision. And you couldn’t care less what others think.

2. You’re constantly learning

Taking your life seriously means you’re on a journey to explore new things. There’s a world out there you want to explore. Whether it’s a new language, culture, or latest invention, you’re up for learning about it. After all, the sky’s the limit.

3. You’re independent

There’s nothing wrong with flying solo when you’re comfortable in your own company. You enjoy companionship, but don’t always feel the need to live up to anyone’s expectations other than your own. As Ne-yo already said, there’s something ooh so sexy about being independent.

4. Sarcasm is your second language

If you’re going to get anything out of this article, let it be this fact: Sarcastic people are sexy, smart, and successful in life. Sarcasm allows you to insult people without them actually realizing it. It’s a dream come true really. From experience, I’ve learned that there is a positive correlation between being serious and being sarcastic. There’s a big misconception about the word serious. People assume that if you’re serious, your sense of humor is non-existent. Luckily, this is completely a load of bullsh*t.

5. You know how to handle yourself in awkward situations

I was once told that my serious expression looked very much like a poker face. No one really knows what you’re thinking (thank God for that). You can hold your own in awkward situations without your face turning fifty shades of different colors. This is one hell of an advantage in life.

6. You’re brutally honest

You’re allergic to bullsh*t and refuse to waste time on people who aren’t worth the trouble. Being brutally honest isn’t just sexy as hell, but makes others think twice before stepping on your toes. After all, karma is a b*tch.

7. You know your worth


Yup, I can already feel what you’re thinking. Let me get this straight before you starting calling serious people a bunch of snobs – knowing your worth and not willing to settle for less is the biggest virtue you should have, and it will without a doubt give you a head start in life. You’re not going to be able to love another person until you love yourself , right? Being serious means you don’t take life as a joke and won’t settle for less than you deserve. You’re awesome and you damn well know it.

8. You know where you’re going in life

You’re one of the few people in college, or fresh out of college, that don’t experience this sudden panic and fear when  you hear the question “What are you going to do in your life?” You know exactly what the f*ck you’re doing.

9. You’re GPA/Career is out of this world

Being serious means you actually read, like an actual book. You actually care about finishing college or going to college in the first place. You’re brilliant and serious. You’re going for law school, medical school or whatever other school you’re applying for on full gear. You only live once, and you’re up to the challenge.

10. You’re not afraid to talk about your issues

You know bottling up your feelings will just add up to more problems until you explode with tears. Being serious means you know better. You talk about what’s on your mind and are not afraid to show vulnerability. If they can’t handle you at your worst, they certainly don’t deserve you at your best.

11. You’re not afraid to speak your mind

You know your sh*t and aren’t afraid to tell others when they are wrong…or to simply just stop talking.

12. You aim for success, and nothing less.

You won’t settle for a job you don’t want. You want to be proud of your achievements!

13.Your friends know they can count on you.

You’re the one they go to for moral support or advice they’ll later ignore. But in the meantime, you’ve got their back for better or for worse.

14.You get excited over the little things


You know that waiting around will get you nowhere and refuse to “fake it till you make it.” You’re overcome with excitement at every little accomplishment in your life because you know you did it – and you did it yourself.

15. You’re no one’s option

You know better than to be someone’s stop on the way – hell, you’re the destination . You know your time is precious and you have better things to worry about than wondering where you stand with someone.

16. Sundays and your bed are an endless love affair


You know taking a day off improves your work ethic. So bring on the coco puffs, 2 Broke Girls marathon and a warm blanket on a cozy sunday afternoon.

17. You own up to your mistakes

Your pride and dignity matters to you – but your loved ones matter to you more. You’re not hesitant to say “I’m sorry” – you know better than to continue unnecessary drama.

18. You’re responsible with money

You know money doesn’t grow on trees – so you don’t spend it on things you probably will never use.

So, next time someone rudely interrogates you with the question, “Why so serious?”, you’ll know exactly how to respond. 

Featured image via Tamarcus Brown on Unsplash


  1. Good article , not all serious people behave same traits, btw have same logo of anxiety, they try to change and want to be jovial , but their instincts & bought up environment defend it and end up seriously but they are successful because they don’t take life easy

  2. Doesn’t seem true at all, except not wasting time on useless endeavours. Also, I don’t get sarcasm at all or barely so it’s definitely not part of my personality.

  3. After examine a number of of the weblog posts on your web site now, and I actually like your way of blogging. I bookmarked it to my bookmark web site listing and will be checking again soon. Pls take a look at my web page as nicely and let me know what you think.

  4. This reads like the character trait checklist of the Dark Triad personality type – sociopathic. At no point in this article are there words like “compassion” or “empathy”. And the most horrible, narcissistic statement of the entire piece is, “Sarcasm allows you to insult people without them actually realizing it”. What an abhorrent thing to aspire to. And it’ll work just fine until you meet someone who sees straight through you and annihilates you.

  5. How hypocritical of you. My kinds of serious people don’t have a sense of humor. To me, humor is bullshit.


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