4 Necessary Steps For Getting Through Your Break Up

There he is, he opened the door to his apartment. The same apartment I drove 3 hours to, just to spend New Year’s Eve with him. Worth it? Yes. He’s dressed in a suit with a trail of rose petals and candles tempting me to fall fast and hard. He made me dinner and I get to watch the ball drop with a bottle of champagne. Then you stop yourself and think this can’t be true. It’s too good to be true. Then all of a sudden you wake up from this trip down memory lane. (Yes, this really did happen to me. Romantic, right?) It becomes so easy to get lost in the good moments that sometimes you forget why you ended it in the first place.

Breaking up is hard. I’m now, as a twenty-something, just finding this out. I had never loved someone like I did with him. But man, when I fell for the 6’3”, dark haired, blue-eyed boy, I fell hard and fast. If you are anything like me, sometimes getting through a day without thinking about the boy who broke your heart into tiny little pieces is indeed a challenge. But we must persevere with the knowledge that something or someone will in fact come along and sweep you off your feet, all whilst you try to remember why you cried over that other boy anyway. There are ways to make the after math of your relationship a lot easier. I have developed my own system of “get your sh*t together and be happy” remedy to a broken heart.

Step 1

Cry to your friends and maybe even your mom (heck, I did). But only once. Let it out. Don’t drag it on. It will only make you feel worse. It’s good to get all the pent up feelings of the ending relationship out in the open and to turn to people you trust to give you a shoulder. Maybe even put on P.S. I Love You and have a good crying session to yourself. But that’s it.

Step 2

Make personal goals for yourself. Find ways to better your life. Go to the gym like you always said you would. Start a hobby. Travel. Find a better job. Focus on you. It becomes easier when you realize that your life is going in a direction that you want.

Step 3

Make the connections with your friends stronger. I made the mistake, while dating someone, of letting some of my friendships go to the wayside. Thankfully they are still there for me and never gave up on me. But seriously, make lasting memories with the friends you can’t live without. You will be thankful that you did.

Step 4

Remember, you are a strong independent woman and you don’t need a man. Even if you really want one.

I know that this remedy that I have concocted won’t take away the tears instantly. It will take a little bit to recover, but remember it won’t be too long. Just keep going through these steps and trust me, you will be glad you did. In the end you will have strengthened your relationships that matter, accomplished goals and became a better you. Keeping yourself busy by doing things to better yourself is one way to feel good and forget him. Before you know it, you could find someone and start something new.

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