Switching From The Gym To The Studio: How To Easily Develop A Yoga Routine

While there will always be work out fads, one of the more popular being yoga.  Developed centuries ago, yoga works wonders for the body and mind. It has been rather trendy as of late *ahem, yoga pants* but I promise it is deeper than that. Being a newbie in the yoga world can be challenging, but finding your perfect fit will change your life for the better.

Finding the right studio.

As a yogini who hunts down new studios to try out, be sure to find one that offers a mixture of classes and workshops. With that being said, notice what kind of workshops each studio offers. If it is all “Wine Night” or “Girls Night Out” and no “Herbal Medicine” courses, you might be looking at a studio only seeking to make money. I try to avoid any studio that offers “Yoga for Weight Loss” classes or that has a calorie counter on their website. Yoga is not about looking good, it’s about feeling good. Upon arrival, a good question to ask yourself is if they are spending more money on the ambiance than they are on legitimate teachers. Pay less attention to the $40 candles for sale in the waiting room and more attention to how you feel during the class.

Fitting yoga into your schedule.

The best part of yoga is that there is something for all of your needs. Feeling tight? Loosen up with a yin class that gently stretches your muscles with extended stretches that dig deep into your muscle tissues. Need to sweat? Sign up for a high intensity work out like a vinyasa flow class. Traveling frequently and need a consistent practice? Take an Ashtanga class as it will be the same sequence of postures in any studio you go to. A good studio will offer a wide range of practice, from the more spiritual to the more physical. The glory of yoga is that it is always there for you when you need it, which is why it is so easy to blend into your schedule. Be sure to try out as many of these classes as you can because having favorites makes you more likely to attend.

Try the classes alone.

Do something different and don’t ask your friend to join you to your first few classes. Use this time to seek into yourself and use the postures to truly learn your body. Bringing your BFF along will certainly distract from exploring the poses. With your friend by your side, it will be easy to simply give up or become competitive. Yoga is not about being perfect, yoga is about the journey. Do one thing for yourself and allow this journey to be as intimate for you as it is for me.

The benefits of committing to a practice can fill up novels – and it has been doing so for centuries. Yoga does wonders for college students because it works both the body and mind to leave you less stressed. You don’t have to be a vegan or a vegetarian to get in on the action. Do your research, snag up a studio, and let your classes do the talking.


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