10 Emojis We All Wish Existed

Happy World Emoji Day!

It’s World Emoji Day, everybody! A holiday that didn’t exist a decade ago is now in place to celebrate those little symbols that have completely changed the texting landscape as we know it. I’m not even sure what I did before emojis came about. Truly, the sly face emoji says what words cannot. In the spirit of the best holiday ever, I’ve compiled a little list of emojis that I’d love to see made:

  1. A hair flip emoji. Obviously.
  2. A single parent with a child emoji. Not all households are two-parent, Tim Cook (just sayin’.)
  3. A burrito emoji. How else am I supposed to convey that intense Chipotle craving I have at least once a week?
  4. An iced coffee emoji. I’m sorry I’m such a white girl. (Sidenote: what’s with the coffee in a teacup emoji? I drink out of mugs, thank you very much.)
  5. A “my bra and underwear match today and I feel like I could take over the world” emoji. You ladies know.
  6. A mustache emoji. Solely for the “I mustache you a question” puns that my texts have been lacking. For that matter, where are any facial hair emojis? A nice beard is something that needs to be emoji-fied.
  7. An “I’m in my PJs by 10 PM on a Friday” emoji. Something that conveys Hey, I really am that lame.
  8. A dumbbell emoji. For the days I’m especially proud of myself for going to the gym and am feeling like a badass woman.
  9. An “I’m not getting out of bed ever again” emoji. Key for those awful hangovers. We’ve all been there.
  10. A lightsaber emoji. Even if you haven’t seen Star Wars, a lightsaber is a weapon I’d love to incorporate into texts when the knife, bomb, and gun just don’t cut it.

When used correctly, emojis can even land you a date – I’m not kidding. This guy has stepped up his Tinder game to a level unmatched by anyone, scoring girls using only emojis. As the old saying goes, emojis speak louder than words (or something like that). Take a look as he manages to get EIGHT girls’ phones numbers – and schedule dates with them, too. Bravo, sir.

First, he grabs the girls’ attention using the 100% emoji and the A-OK hand emoji. Cue Tinder-girl feeling flattered that the guy obviously likes what he sees.

Then, Tinder-boy sends a variety of food and drink emojis, followed by a calendar emojis, signifying he wants to take her out. He moves fast.

Somehow, he always manages to get the girls’ numbers, sending a phone and question mark emoji. Unheard of. But, hey, whatever works for you!  Are we really surprised, though? From the heart eyes face, to the red-dress-wearing dancing woman, to the hands thrown up in the air, emojis say things we can’t find words for. Plus, they’re just so damn fun. Happy #WorldEmojiDay to all you iPhone-toting kids. *kissy face*

Featured image via Pixaline on Pixabay


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