7 Tips For Decorating Each Element Of Your Wedding With Flowers

No wedding is complete without decorations. And when it comes to decorating, nothing looks more lovely than flowers! If you’re planning a wedding for this summer or fall, check out these tips about using flowers in each section of your wedding venue.

1. Entrance

Your wedding venue’s entrance is the prime place for decoration, as it lets your guests assume about the rest of your marriage ceremony. In fact, you can come across several different ways to decorate the entrance area of your wedding venue. You can mark it with two huge flower vases, church doors, a simple gate with your desired flowers. Use ribbons, flowers, a wedding welcome sign, garland, or any other similar things you can consider. Make the entrance decorations attractive and informative for guests on your marriage ceremony activities. 

2. Stage   

After the entrance, the bridal stage is the most important part in any ceremony. Many wedding planners advise that couples pay special attention to how they decorate the ceremony stage. Hire a flower decorator or use your creativity to decorate your wedding stage with your favorite flowers to make it to be more than what you dreamed.

3. Aisle

Although optional, you can decorate the aisle to make it as simple or complex as you’d like. A red carpet with scattered flowers is a way for decorating the aisle. However, you can do it differently by using your creative mind or hiring a professional flower decorator.

4. Centerpieces

Decorative centerpieces are a must for any reception with a sit-down dinner. However, these centerpieces do not need to be extravagant. Just place flowers in pots in the middle of tables as you place glass jars and allied other things for your invitees on your wedding. The availability of centerpieces will make your guests feel appreciated and assume that everything is OK in your marriage ceremony.

5. Bar Area

Also, don’t forget to decorate the bar area with your favorite flowers! Since most people gather around the bar, decorating it with fragrant flowers can help enhance your guests’ moods. Don’t forget to include custom labels for wine bottles at the bar area, too!

6. Pew Decorations

Pew decorations are placed on both sides of chairs at the venue of your marriage ceremony. Apart from making the look of the placed chairs exciting, these flowers complement the decor of your aisle and work to combine the entrance with the arch in a better way.

7. Lighting

Lighting is the essential consideration that can’t be left out, especially if your wedding ceremony takes place at night. With proper lighting, you can make your wedding venue alive. And adding flower decorations to it can work wonders and create magic in your decorations.

It’s your wedding, so it is your responsibility to know how to use flowers for the decoration of your wedding venue. Educate yourself and use your creativity or consult a florist to get details on flower decorations in your marriage ceremony. 

Photo by Shardayyy Photography on Unsplash


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