7 Thoughts We All Had When We Found Out Chipotle Is Delivering

The food gods have answered our prayers. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, Chipotle will now start delivering to 67 cities using the Postmates app. Postmates is basically the Uber for your food cravings. Now I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you how magical this announcement is, but in case you don’t realize:

1. You can now successfully be a hermit and never leave your house again. For all you introverts out there this may be the best news you have heard all year.


2. No more lines. No one long lines, but you will stand next to that man with the sniffles and the crying baby if it means getting that Guac. Except now you don’t have to.


3. No need to pause Netflix to go get your lunch. Must. Keep. Watching. Now you can.


4. Pizza makes you feel guilty. Now you can have “healthy” food delivered. If it has green stuff on it, it’s healthy in my book and cancels out the cheese and sour cream.


5.You no longer have to go alone. We’ve all done it.


6. No judgment about how much food you order. “Um sure, its for two people”


7. Minimal effort for food = happiness. We work hard at everything else, so when it comes to food we shouldn’t have to.


Now with anything there is a slight catch. According to Re/code, a service and delivery fee will be added to your order. But most likely, it’ll be worth it when you open that door and see a glorious deliveryman holding your burrito.

Featured image via Unsplash


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