Why You Need To Fall In Love With The Little Things In Life

As a college student, we are given this figurative outline of how our life is supposed to play out. How we’re supposed to go to school, graduate with a solid degree, get a job, fall in love and settle down.

However, with the world we live in today, we often forget about what falling in love actually means. All too often, we wake up and go through the motions of the day – wake up, school, work, eat, repeat. We forget to stop and actually think about what we’re doing in life and whether or not we actually want to do what we’re doing. We are always looking forward to the next day, the next week or even next year without knowing that we’re ignoring the things in life worth falling in love with.

Love is this mysterious and grey area no one knows what exactly it is, love is just something we’re told we’re told that happens later in life. We think of a boyfriends, a girlfriend or a lifelong partner, but the thing is, there is love all around us.

I fall in love every day of my life. I fall in love with the way each person is different, yet eerily similar in their own way. I fall in love with the way my friends can make me laugh until my stomach hurts and my laugh turns one of those silent, stupid laughs because I can’t get any sound out. I fall in love with the quite literal idea that each day is a new start, like this blank canvas and you have all the paint and brushes you need and can make whatever you want to. I fall in love with the way my best friend can tell exactly what I’m thinking without me having to tell them. I fall in love with the way people are brutally honest after 2 AM because they’re so tired that they can’t help but tell the absolute truth.

I fall in love with the wonderful loyalty that my best friends have for me no matter what. I fall in love with drunken conversations because it’s the only time people let their true emotions come out. I fall in love with the late-night food runs with my friends to cheap restaurants because we’re all too broke to actually afford healthy food. I fall in love with late-night summer drives with the windows down. I fall in love with the way books can make you feel like you actually know the characters and the beautiful talent that the author possesses in order to have the ability to do that. I fall in love with the way a person’s eyes light up when they talk about things they are passionate about. I fall in love with kissing people for no other reason but then that life is too short to not kiss people you want to kiss. I fall in love with the idea that every single person deserves to feel special. I fall in love with the idea of falling in love.

I fall in love with all different types of people, places and things; but the greatest thing to feel in life is love, for whatever, or whoever it is. So start falling in love with the little things, because it’s the little things that eventually end up becoming your life.

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Featured image via Roberto Nickson on Pexels



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