8 Types Of People You Will Inevitably Meet In College

During your years in college, you’ll meet a number of different people. Some will leave a lasting impression – though not always for the reasons you might’ve hoped. Take a look at this list of people you’re sure to encounter in college. Are you one of them, or are you a whole different character of your own?

1. The Weeknight Drunkard

For this person, the weekend isn’t over come Sunday. Oh, no, you can catch them slurring their words and collapsing onto your bed in a vodka-induced heap on a Tuesday, begging the question, “Don’t you have class tomorrow?” The Weeknight Drunkard truly lives up to the name, making sure that no night is left sober.

2. The Hallway Inhabitant

This person can be constantly be found, or heard, in the hall at all times. You begin to wonder if this person even has a dorm room, due to the frequency of which you hear his or her voice reverberating throughout the hallway. You then suddenly feel very much like a loner, all cooped up in your room, while others are having a grand old time right outside your door.

3. The Early to Rise-r

The Early to Rise-r is a special breed, one whom you claim to despise, but secretly envy. This person has had their morning coffee, gone to the gym, and completed their classes for the day – all before you’d even gotten out of bed. You then promise yourself you’ll be more productive from now on, usually to no avail.

4. The Wannabe DJ

When your walls are vibrating to the beat of some weird techno reminiscent to elevator music, or to the lyrics of some aggressive rap song, you know it’s because of this person. The Wannabe DJ doesn’t seem to understand that the limit does exist, and it’s when their music prevents you from hearing your own thoughts over the drone of their expensive stereo system.

5. The Last-Minute Crammer

More often than not, you are this person. You know, the one who puts an assignment off until the last minute, then complains about it like no other when it somehow becomes 11 PM the night before it’s due. The Last-Minute Crammer gets a sick sense of pleasure out of holing up in the library until 3 in the morning, as if exercising their right to procrastinate.

6. The Event Photographer

The Event Photographer can unfailingly be found with an outstretched arm and iPhone in hand, poised for a selfie on any occasion. Girls night out? A picture is needed. Having fun at a party? Must be documented with a photo. Although we love to poke fun at the Event Photographer, we love them for capturing our latest Instagram picture.

7. The Pant-less Wonder

Does this friend ever wear pants? Who knows. What you do know is that they sure love showing off their boxers, and will parade around in them proudly. Props to you, Pant-less Wonder, for being so comfortable in your own skin, and for being the most easily identifiable person in the hall.

8. The Mom-Friend

The Mom of your group of friends is someone you can personally thank for sparing you from that last drink, and for assuring you made it into bed safely Friday night. Their protective, responsible nature makes it impossible for them not to look out for you. After all, someone has to.  

I’m personally grateful for having met all of the wonderful people I have during my time at school so far. Each one of them has left me with some great memories, or at least a good story to tell. So, here’s to college, and to all the crazy characters it reveals. You guys keep me young.

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