Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed To Say ‘We Met on Tinder’

So, have you been matched? Tinder is a dating app that takes speed dating to a whole new level. It gives you a wide selection of local people you wouldn’t otherwise have met, showing only a few photos and a short bio, which usually just turns out to be a list of their hobbies. The rules are simple. Can you imagine yourself with this person? No? Swipe left. Are they hot enough for you? Yes? Hell YES? Swipe right. If you both swiped right, it’s a match! It’s very straightforward, based completely on looks and cuts to the chase without the embarassing rejections.

Enter, stigma. Tinder is known to encourage the hook up culture/ fuck buddy system. But, let’s face it: looks do matter and you’re lying if you deny that they don’t. Looks are the only factor you have to judge a person when you first meet somebody. And if you don’t get that shallow OMFG-I-want-you-right-now feeling over the person you’re dating, or might potentially date… the relationship just won’t work. Who would be the first to deny that hot passionate sex is important in a lasting relationship? Of course, it isn’t the only factor but it is important. Tinder embraces this exact reality, which is why Tinder can work.

You want a hook up? Perfect, Tinder is just the place for you. You’ll have an easy time finding a one-night stand minus the crowded club with the overpriced drinks, assuming you’ve chosen your photos carefully, that is. But that’s not the only reason why everyone’s on Tinder.

There are those that find something more than just a one-night stand. These are the people that probably downloaded Tinder “just for fun.” They never see it coming but they knew (deep, deep inside) they weren’t looking for just a hook up. They find something more because they look and are open for something more. You find what you look for. Let’s not forget that we’re the ones in control of the conversation. You pretty much find out if you and your match are on the same page within the first few exchanges.

After screening a match for possible red flags, that’s when you start considering meeting them in person. Those who have found someone from Tinder may or may not have held out on sex on the first date. But one thing becomes clear, they saw potential. Could it be? Could you have actually found someone you like online?

People who have had positive Tinder experiences come out with a new relationship and well… a newfound embarrassment. How did we meet? We can’t tell people we met on Tinder! Tinder has become known as this dead zone for relationships because of its blunt approach to dating; love doesn’t live there, it can’t. Most would say it’s almost impossible to have something more than sex come out of it. And so what if it is? Why are you so afraid to be the exception?

You’ve challenged the common idea that Tinder serves only the hookup culture. You are the proof! So, stop with the made up stories of how you met and fucking say: “Yes, we met on tinder.” Be the exception, and be a little proud because you’ve found love (or something close) in a truly hopeless place.

Screengrab via FOX/YouTube. 


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