9 Funny Milestones Every Successful Couple Goes Through

couple funny moments

Being in a relationship can make for the best of times, but it can also include some awkward and funny moments. However, what’s important is to remember that these awkward and sometimes embarrassing times are universal to most couples. Whether you just got into a new relationship or have been in a relationship for a long time, everyone can relate to going through some of these experiences in their relationship. Here are some of the funniest milestones that every successful couple goes through.

1. Passing gas in front of each other

What’s more, the worst times are when y’all are stuck in a car during a long ride. Extra props if your significant other passes gas and you don’t run away,

2. The first debate of where/what to get for dinner

The struggle between choosing sushi over Italian (or takeout over cooking at home) is real. 

3. Figuring out that your partner snores

Shoutout to my boyfriend because I personally sound like a hibernating bear when I sleep.

4. Having to ask the other person for more toilet paper

When you run out of toilet paper and they need to grab some more from downstairs — that’s definitely a huge milestone!

5. Singing poorly in the car together

Special round of applause for those singing sessions when you sing at the top of your lungs together even though you both sound like screeching cats. Carpool Karaoke anyone?

6. Using the bathroom in front of each other

This especially is a milestone that is bound to happen if you share a bathroom together.

7. Helping your significant other with their grooming/hygiene

Plucking my boyfriend’s eyebrows is a chore — don’t even get me started on having to help him remove his blackheads. Yikes.

8. Wearing sweatpants or no makeup in front of your partner

That in itself shows trust.

9. Sharing hygiene products with each other

Whether it’s your brush, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, or even worse — a toothbrush — it’s always a milestone. 

Being in a relationship is generally awesome and full of love. However, oftentimes couples go through funny changes as they get to know each other and become more comfortable around one another. Still, I would never change a thing and I am grateful for being able to experience the comical little milestones with my significant other — even if sometimes they are a little awkward. That’s just something that brings us closer together.

So remember to recognize and be grateful for all these little milestones and the joy and humor that they bring.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash.


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