To My Dog In Heaven, I Still Thank You Every Day

You have found your own sanctuary now and still, I miss you. You have wings and you play over the rainbow while I am here thinking of you and the days when everything was well and beautiful. I can not help but be so sad whenever I’m alone and that your paws and pleasing eyes are not here to comfort me anymore. I miss your warm greetings after a tired day. I miss how good you were at barking over little things and making people happy with your silliness. I cannot forget the times you have made me your world, and for that, I will forever be grateful.

I wonder why dogs are created to become just a friend to humans. I have come to realize your purpose and that was to keep me calm whenever my anxiety attacked in the middle of the night. You were there when all I need was a warm hug while crying and you offered your soul that is so pure and did not even know how to hurt your loved ones. Yet, your true purpose was not only for people themselves but to be an angel and protector in this cruel world and to teach people about being loyal and selfless and how that would bring them to happiness. Thank you for teaching me a lot of things and to be patient during your tough times.

If ever you would visit this world again, I want you to know I did not regret my part in bringing you to your vet. Giving you medicines and spending my money that I invested were small deeds compared to the healing you brought into my life. I got hurt every now and then; you were there when I need you and so did I. I did not blame you for going away too soon, my baby. You fought a good fight and despite being gone for a long time now, I can see you visiting my dreams making sure I am okay.

Thank you for the love that you gave.

You must know I have another with me now. Do not get jealous because I know you would be very happy to see others being loved like what you had before. You would probably play with him if you were still here. You would be happy to see a dog like you getting taken care of because you are selfless. I may not be a perfect owner, but I am sure I have poured all the love in my heart, so you can bring it and share it to others in your dog heaven.

I can’t help but cry when I thought of your painful death and how difficult it was for you to go away when you did not want to. I held your paws and told you to let go so you can peacefully play in your new home. I told you that I would be okay here because you have taught me to be stronger and braver. Thank you for healing my heart and for giving me all your world and life. You have made me realize that we can lose our loved ones, but we can always have their love.

Whenever I feel lonely, I look up at the sky and think of you. You are one of those stars which keeps on reminding me that you never really left. You are just waiting for me and that you are happy there. You still have your favorite flowers on your grave and I still have pictures of you on my phone because you will never be forgotten. Keep on chasing butterflies there in heaven, baby. I love you and all our memories.

Featured image via Unsplash


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