Should You Add The “The Memo” To Your Reading List?

Jenny Green, our relatable protagonist, is facing the dreaded Class of 2007 reunion. While her friends are soaring, Jenny’s promising career as an artisanal baker went up in flames (literally), and her deadbeat, commitment-phobe boyfriend is cheating on her with their swishy-ponytailed neighbor. She feels like she missed a crucial piece of information. And, as it turns out, she did. Her struggles, her setbacks, her heartbreaks — they’re all too familiar to many of us. This is where the unique concept of ‘the memo’ comes in, a clandestine, female-led organization on campus that provides select students with blueprints for success.

Reluctantly returning to her alma mater, Jenny receives a text from an unknown number: “Jenny Green — please collect your memo.” This leads her to a clandestine, female-led organization on campus that provides select students with “memos” — blueprints for success.

Jenny didn’t receive hers the first time around

Now, Jenny is being given a second chance — the opportunity to rewrite her past, undo her worst mistakes, and fix her mess of a life. This is not just a story of redemption and second chances, but also a powerful exploration of the human capacity for change. But at what price?

It is a laughter-full riot of chaos and catastrophe. Its relatable and brutally honest story will make any 20-—to 30-something waiting to feel like they’ve got it together cringe. The authors’ witty and candid storytelling will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Jenny is a relatable and flawed character. She is a hot mess and a little lost, but I found her utterly endearing. 

She’s real, authentic, and just trying to keep up with the expectations of others and herself. Her journey takes a strange turn when a mysterious figure from a secret shadow organization appears, challenging her path to success.

While the initial introduction felt a bit disjointed, with the twist not quite hitting the mark and the transitions between times and realities feeling abrupt, the book still managed to captivate me. Its ability to draw you in, make you forget about the world around you, and immerse you in Jenny’s journey is truly remarkable. The exploration of friendships, love, success, and sadness was both heartwarming and heartbreaking, making for a compelling read.

Make sure you don’t miss the memo, and get your hands on this book!


“The Memo” will be available with Dialogue Books from June 20th. This review was written based on a gifted copy of the UK release by Bee’s Bookshelf.

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