5 Thoughtful Things You Should Say To Your BFF

BFF: the person who is always there for us. They’re caring, loving, and fun. Plus, our best friends have impacted our lives in so many ways. When we need to talk to someone, they are there to listen to our concerns. And when we need to disclose our feelings, they are there to provide a listening ear. 

One of the ways to thank our BFFs is to give them a shout-out. Here are five phrases to say to your BFF: 

1. “I’m lucky to have met you.” 

It’s challenging to meet people who think like you and can empathize with your feelings. Therefore, if you find people like that, you should always show them gratitude, especially if they’re your BFF. After all, your BFF has impacted your life in so many different ways, including helping you grow as a person. So you can show them appreciation by letting them know they made a positive difference in your life.

2. “Your goodwill is a helpful trait I constantly treasure.”

We always look to our BFFs for inspiration. If they spread kindness and positivity, we will carry that energy and spread it amongst others. And we can let our BFFs know this by informing them how appreciative we are of their generosity. 

3. “You help me laugh my worries off.” 

We all go through difficult moments where we feel like crying, bawling, or giving up. However, if your bestie has helped you turn these sad moments into happy ones, let them know. They’ll definitely be grateful to know that, especially since it will probably remind them of good times. 

4. “Thank you for being with me at my lowest.”

A person who sticks beside you whenever you’re going through difficult times is a true best friend. These friends are hard to find but worth keeping. They’re willing to encourage you to keep going and follow your dreams. They find a way to pull you up when you feel beaten down. So, if you have a friend who has constantly seen your weakest and strongest moments, acknowledge their effort by telling them how grateful you are for them. 

5. “When you’re gone, you’ll always be on my mind.” 

It’s natural for people to grow apart due to time, distance, or different responsibilities. Because of that, your current best friends may not be your closest friends in the future. So, it’s best to cherish these moments. If you and your bestie do end up growing apart in the future, let them know that you’ll always think of them regardless. You’ll always be there for them. 

Besties mean the world to many of us because they are there to hug us and remind us of our gifts. Coming across a bestie can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But even if you end up growing apart, you will notice that you’ll always remember your closest friends. 

So, when times get tough, let your BFF know how much they mean to you. Show them your appreciation because they were there to see you develop into the great person you are now.

Written in collaboration with Mandi Miller

Featured image via JESSICA TICOZZELLI on Pexels


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