7 Fun Camera Crafts To Try For National Camera Day

Photography and photo lovers, rejoice!! Today, June 29, is National Camera Day. Other than purchasing some new photography equipment, you can celebrate this holiday by trying some cool crafts. Some of these crafts are similar to old antique film cameras that photographers have used in the past. So, are you excited to try some? Here are seven of them: 

1. Pinhole Camera 

This craft actually works! You can create a functional pinhole camera with only a 10- to 12-inch box, a sheet of white paper, scissors, a pen or pencil, and dark-colored, heavy-duty duct tape. Once you open the box, cut the sheet of white paper to ensure it fits on one side of the box. Then, cut two holes on the side of the box directly from the screen: one should be the size of a pencil poke, and the other should be the size of your eye. After, close the box with duct tape. 

Now, you can try your invention in a dark room with a bright subject. Alternatively, you can turn off the lights, close the blinds, and point the holes toward the window. You’ll then see a picture developing on the sheet. 

2. Origami Paper Camera 

If you have some origami paper and love to make crafts, try out the origami camera craft. First, you’ll need to fold the paper into a square and then fold the sides of the paper upwards. Follow the video for more instructions. 

3. DSLR Origami 

If you want to level up your origami skills, consider trying the DSLR Origami Camera craft. You’ll need a 28 cm x 10 cm origami sheet of paper. Then, you’ll need to fold the paper a couple of times before wrapping it into a box with the lens. While it sure is a difficult process, you’ll be proud of yourself once you do it. 

4. Camera from Soap Box 

If you have a spare soap box, double it up as a camera. Cut out the sides of the box and wrap it around with blank white paper. Then, add other strips of cardboard paper around the box. Roll up a wide strip of paper to make the lens, and add a circle on top of it. You can now cover the sides and add a screen to the back of the camera. Then, finish it off with a few decorations, and bam!

5. Hello Kitty Camera 

If you’re a Hello Kitty fan, try this Hello Kitty camera. First, cut out different stencils, including two of Hello Kitty’s face shapes and a bowtie. Then, you’ll need to focus on constructing the camera’s inner parts, such as a shutter. Finally, you can top it off with a camera lens and a screen at the back. 

6. Camera Pen 

Do you have a spare pen that needs some accessorizing? If so, feel free to make these camera pens. You’ll need to glue some cardboard parts into a small square, decorate it with construction paper, and trace a circle for the lens. 

7. Camera Photo Album 

Have some memories with your best friend that you want to savor? One way to do this is to make your own camera-shaped photo album. Cut out two camera stencils: one for the front and another for the back. Then, trace out the stencils on cardboard paper. Hole punch the sides and the photos inside the album as well. Finally, thread a wire through each hole to keep it together. 

If you’re ready to unleash your inner creativity without the camera, celebrate this national day by indulging in these crafts. Perhaps, you can pick up a new hobby alongside photography. Once done, comment below which one you enjoyed the most! Remember to take photos!

Featured image via Andre Furtado on Pexels


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