7 Family Crafts To Do For National Creativity Day

For individuals trying to unleash their creativity, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a day that honors your skills. It is on May 30 and is called National Creativity Day. You can allow your imagination to run loose and wild. But the best of all is that you don’t need to be an artist or work in any creative-related field. You can make some art on your own, and if you have kids, feel free to do some projects with them as well. 

So, if you’re looking for some family fun for National Creativity Day, here are seven family crafts you can do: 

1. Paper House My Family Craft 

This is the alternative to a cute family portrait. If it looks too complicated at first, fear not: the steps are straightforward. You’ll first need to cut out a house template from this website, fold along the blank edges, and glue the roof portion together. Then, you can open the sides of the house and add your family portrait. 

An alternative is to print out the template in black and white. Then you can customize the house with your favorite colors. 

2. Stacked Paper Hands Craft 

This craft is simple and easy. All you need are a bunch of construction paper, pencils, and erasers. Gather your children and trace their hands on differently colored construction paper. Then, trace yours on another sheet of paper. Cut all the stencils out and glue them from the largest at the back to the smallest hand at the front. 

You can either add a year at the front of the smallest hand or a slogan. 

3. Family Stick Puppets 

For this activity, you’ll need a bunch of popsicle sticks, foam shapes, a glue stick, and a marker. You can manipulate the foam shapes to create a portrait of different family members. For example, you can use a circle as the head and a triangle as the dress. For the hair, you can cut out different foam shapes and glue them together or use construction paper. 

And for the finishing touches, draw embellishments or facial expressions on the foam shapes. 

4. Family Cardboard Tube 

You’ll need to gather a bunch of cardboard tubes, yarn or strings, markers, and googly eyes for this activity. First, decorate the cardboard tube with markers by drawing the clothing and accessories. Then, use some yarn for the hair and top it off with googly eyes. You’ll have your own family in a cardboard version. 

5. Family Walk Portrait 

This craft is simple and adorable. Gather a bunch of popsicle sticks and place them on a blank sheet of paper. Then, color the popsicle sticks with markers, add googly eyes, and draw some hair. After you’re done with that step, you can add pets by using popsicle sticks and drawing the antennas. And don’t forget to add the background – the sun, clouds, and trees. 

6. Family Plate Portraits 

If you’re looking to use different materials, opt for paper plates. For these plate portraits, grab some paint and dabble in the middle of the plate. Then, add some string as the hair. You can finish the portrait with some googly eyes, a nose, and a surprised facial expression. 

7. Family Tree

This craft will work best if your family has younger kids. Basically, grab a couple of kids and allow them to make some handprints with paint for the tree. Then, finger paint a tree trunk. Top it off with some sticky notes with all the names of your family members. 

If you’re looking for fun crafts for National Creativity Day, feel free to try these with your kids or cousins. Once you find a favorite one, let us know in the comments below. Happy crafting!

Featured image via Burhan Erdinç on Pexels


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