10 “Reputation” Lyrics That Prove It Should’ve Won A Grammy


Since Taylor Swift has well kicked off her Eras Tour, it’s high time we revisit some of her older albums—specifically, the underrated masterpiece that is Reputation. This album is so much more than a “revenge” album, or even Taylor Swift in her girl boss era. This album explores different musical sounds and proves that Taylor Swift is a versatile, multitalented songwriter. 

Don’t believe me? Or do you want to know my exact reasons? Check out these ten lines from songs off the album that didn’t have to go so hard but decided to instead.

1. “Every love I’ve known in comparison is a failure.” — …Ready for It?

This nod to the media’s obsession with the singer-songwriter’s love life and pointing out that the new love is exceptional are both great. Swift truly is a master of words.

2. “I swear I don’t love the drama; it loves me.” — End Game

Drama queens: this line is for us. And we love to hear it. How many times have we claimed to hate drama only to be the center of it five minutes later? How many times have we said, “I don’t like drama,” yet gossiped to our friends about why our ex sucks? (Don’t lie; we’ve all done it).

3. “If a man talks shit, then I owe him nothing.” — I Did Something Bad

This line is so iconic that I want it on my gravestone. The fiery energy behind it is great, as is the nonapologetic approach. Some men talk shit all the time, and they don’t deserve us. We love a feminist clap back, and “Reputation” gave us one. 

4. “Love made me crazy.”— Don’t Blame Me

To be honest, this is relatable. Love can be so incomprehensible at times that it makes us crazy just trying to understand it or make sense of why the hell we feel the way we do. That’s love for you!

5. “My reputation’s never been worse, so you must like me for me.”— Delicate

This doubles as a title drop for “Reputation” and a classic Swiftian romantic line in one go. There’s something magical about knowing the person you’re with doesn’t care what other people think of you and want to know you for you. That’s the kind of love we all strive to have.

6. “All I think about is karma.” — Look What You Made Me Do

So do we, Taylor, so do we. (And a few years later, she writes a whole song about karma. What a queen). 

7. “You ruined my life by not being mine.” — Gorgeous 

I hate how relatable this is. That feeling when a super hot person isn’t available to date you is a pain we’ve all felt. Some of us have felt it on multiple occasions, perhaps even the person writing this article.

8. “The taste of your lips is my idea of luxury.” — King of My Heart

I am screaming over how mushy these lines make me feel. Swift has a way of turning you into a romantic or unleashing your inner romantic. Something as simple as kissing is really beautiful.

9. “I’m a mess, but I’m the mess that you wanted.” — Dancing With Our Hands Tied

Embracing imperfections is how you truly love. And finding someone who understands that is crucial to any relationship. I can’t imagine being with anyone perfect (if such a person even existed). Mistakes are a part of life and how we grow into better people, and “Reputation” shows us that.

10. “Even in my worst times, you could see the best of me.” — Dress

This song may be known for its sultry lyrics, but its romantic lines make me swoon just as much. The recurring theme of unconditional love within Reputation’s songs is one that I am one hundred and ten percent here for.

The “Reputation” album is more than just a comeback after Taylor Swift’s social media hiatus. It’s more than just a revenge album. It’s an album about unconditional love, heartbreak, vengeance, and the messy emotions and experiences making up life. Most of all, it’s got talent—a staple Swiftian album.

Featured image is a still from “Look What You Made Me Do” via Taylor Swift YouTube


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