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Dear Little Sister: 40 Things I Want My Teenage Sister To Know

Little sisters – the siblings that everyone needs. They’re fun, humorous, and encouraging. And when they’re unhappy, they fight. But with that being said, a little sister is a best friend who’ll never go away. So, you can never thank them enough. 

But what should we tell them when they’re trying to figure out their teenage years? We may ask. 

Well, here are 40 things to remind your teenage little sister of: 

1. “Friends come and go.”

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2. “Be prepared for wake-up calls from mom or dad.”

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You’re still a kid, babe. 

3. “Treat family get-togethers with grandparents as if it’s your last.”

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You never know when you’ll see them again. 

4. “Learn when to put yourself first.”

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5. “Take mom’s advice with a grain of salt.” 

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6. “Continue being you.”

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7. “Life won’t get easier.”

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8. “Communicate your boundaries.”

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9. “Take every opportunity to travel with family.”

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You never know what happens after graduation.

10. “Please keep in touch with mom or dad.”

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They’ll miss you when you’re away. 

11. “Try new activities — please.” 

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12. “Don’t copy others.” 

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Be a trendsetter instead. 

13. “Never be afraid to start over.” 

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14. “You’ll miss home when you’re away.” 

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15. “Seek a therapist when needed.” 

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16. “When you move out, your priorities will change.”

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Your quality of life will change too. 

17. “Learn about your community as much as possible.”

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You’ll then be able to create good memories. 

18. “When you’re sad, remember it’s temporary.”

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19. “Value the happiest moments in life.”

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20. “Be careful trusting others.”

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Some people are out there to get you. 

21. “There will always be jealous people.”

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22. “Trust your intuition.”

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23. “Don’t give up anything for anyone you crush on.” 

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24. “Don’t be pressured to do something you’re uncomfortable with.”

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25. “Advocate for yourself.”

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I know you can do it!

26. “You’ll never know how much your family matters until you go to college.”

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27. “Be ready to snag that summer job!”

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You got this!

28. “Moving out isn’t as good as it sounds.”

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In reality, you’ll miss the warm vibes at home. 

29. “Never forget your childhood.”

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It’ll start to creep up soon. 

30. “Keep in touch with high school friends.” 

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It’s hard to find a friend as an adult. 

31. “I’ll always support you.” 

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No matter what mistakes you make, I’m rooting for you. 

32. “I miss you when I’m away.”

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I might have moved out, but you’re constantly on my mind. 

33. “I’ll never forget those wonderful moments we had.”

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34. “Let me know when you want to meet.”

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We can go on trips together. 

35. “I’ll always forgive you.” 

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We all screw up.

36. “I wish we could talk more.”

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But we all have different schedules and priorities. 

37. “I don’t want anyone to hurt you.”

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If they do, let me know!

38. “I know you can do it.”

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39. “We’re inseparable.”

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40. “No matter what happens, you’ll always be my awesome little sis!”

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Even if we stop talking, you’ll always be part of me. 

To all of the little sisters out there: Y’all are amazing! Your big sisters, brothers, and siblings are all proud of you. 

Continue being you and inspiring us to do better in the world. We wish you all the best and can’t wait for you to walk into a bright future. 


A proud big sister <3. 

(P.S. I love you, Patricia!).

Featured image via Matheus Bertelli on Pexels



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