5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Getting Engaged

It’s wedding season! Look left, look right, rings and tuxes are everywhere you turn. It can make you feel some type of way if you’re not the center of attention. Like maybe you should be next? The thought has crossed your mind, the dream wedding has been visualized, but is that what you’re ready for? Consider these 5 ideas before you succumb to wedding fever.

Think about it. I mean really think about it. Have you thought of what the meaning of an engagement is? This isn’t only a diamond or a lot of social media likes. This isn’t to make your family happy. This is YOUR life.

How concrete are your ideals and necessities? When you think of your life, you have to picture all your wants and needs. To join your life with someone, you should have some wiggle room. Of course, life can happen and alter your plan even without being married, but when you have committed to another, you have to take into account that other person’s plan.

Remember your past. How have past events or your upbringing been projected onto your current self? We all have a history that shapes who we become. There are lessons to hold dear, but there is bitterness that needs to be let go of. You can’t allow your baggage to weigh down others. By creating a life together, you are moving forward, not looking back.

As you go about daily tasks and habits, who are you thinking of to share the details with? Those too-embarrassing-for-Facebook stories are too funny not to be shared with a person you trust. Or those rants that you know your mom won’t understand because she hasn’t met your coworkers. No, not everything will be shared but the idea is that you want everything to be shared. Half the time something noteworthy happens, you’ll forget about it within an hour, but it’s more about the fact that you think of that person over everyone else.

Don’t keep a running tab of what you do for each other. Are you counting every post-game show you watch just so during award season you can use that to guilt them into watching each red carpet show? Doing something nice for your partner doesn’t count if you’re expecting repayment.

Each couple has a different dynamic but no successful couple has one person bringing it all to the table while the other sits idly by. You both have to work and compromise and know that you’re doing things for the two of you, not for others. It’s easy to compare or judge relationships but it’s so important to remember that no one is in your relationship but you and your partner. When it’s your time to hear wedding bells, you’ll both know it.

Featured image via Taylor Brandon on Unsplash


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