30 Things We Remember From Our Teenage Goth Phase


Remember those teenage years when we all used to dress in black and dye our hair? If you do, you may have gone through a goth phase. Today, May 22, is World Goth Day, which began as a subculture in England in the 1980s. It first started off with music, fashion, and cinema, until the subculture slowly developed into a lifestyle. 

To celebrate World Goth Day, here are 30 things we remember throughout our teenage goth phase: 

1. Black eyeliner was everywhere. 

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To the point where you couldn’t walk away from the house without it. 

2. Black or blue lipstick was your best friend. 

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Make it as dark as possible. 

3. You would say, “Nah that is for posers!” 

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4. You looked at the preppy kids called them “a bunch of conformists!” 

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5. You composed morbid poems about death, sadness, and darkness. 

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What other way can you express teenage angst? 

6. You hated it when people called you “‘emo”’ or “‘vampire.”’ 

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“We’re goths; emos and vampires are people who are trying to imitate our style.” 

7. You constantly bought hair dye. 

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You’d change your hair color every so often because why not? 

8. You went on Hot topic shopping sprees.

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Hot Topic literally became your best friend, and you could spend 2 hours at a time there. 

9. You constantly muttered “life sucks.” 

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10. You owned a Wednesday Addams dress.

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After all, the Wednesday Addams dress is a staple. Where else could you go without it? 

11. You watched Beetlejuice and loved Lydia.

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12. You were obsessed with witches and vampires. 

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Although they’re not goths, they’re the best fantasy characters. 

13. You walked across the hallway with your own swagger.

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“Look at me, buddy. I’m scary.” 

14. You danced to gothic rock in public.

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Why not? Might as well enjoy life. 

15. You listened to Marilyn Manson.

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“Have you heard ‘The Beautiful People’?” 

16. You walked through cemeteries. 

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“Why not take a midnight stroll through the cemetery?” 

17. You bought bat and raven plushies.

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You will add them to the plushie collection. 

18. You were obsessed with black cats. 

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This was especially true when you needed a new pet and it was spooky season. 

19. You always waited for Halloween throughout the year.

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Time for pumpkins, ghosts, ghouls, and more fun!

20. You loved castles. 

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“There’s just something so spooky, morbid, yet beautiful about them.” 

21. You tried to identify what type of goth you were.

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“Am I a pastel goth? A Victorian goth? A hardcore goth? A hot topic goth? A vampire goth? A nerd goth? What am I?” 

22. You shopped online at Killstar.

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“After all, don’t they have the newest styles and trends of gothic clothing?” 

23. You bought black furniture. 

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24. You told everyone you changed. 

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“Look at me! I’m not the person you used to know.” 

25. You spent your time in cafes or diners. 

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“After all, I have to be at a place to read and write about my morbid life stories.” 

26. You repeated the word “demons.”

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“Might as well be in a world of darkness.” 

27. You wanted to go to Marilyn Manson’s concerts.

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28. You got piercings and tattoos.

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“Should I get a cuff earring or just a piercing on my septum?” 

29. You added skeletons to every Instagram post.

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Whether that be an emoji or a prop. 

30. You said, “It’s not a phase, Mom and Dad!”

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But it turns out that it was. 

On May 22, let us celebrate our happiest and funniest memories throughout our goth phase. Sure, they may have been a while ago, but they did make a big impact on our lives. After all, why do we keep on wearing black and attending concerts? 

Feature image via Natalia Kretinina on Pexels.


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