The Only Way To Forgive A Liar Is To Let Them Go

Lying can often feel like one of the worst betrayals in the world. Although a lie may start out small and simple, it can quickly grow until it’s completely out of control. In fact, some people’s entire public lives are a massive lie. We’ve all met a compulsive liar at some point. 

Compulsive liars are dangerous to surround yourself with. You may not even realize that you’re around one at first, but the truth they hide always comes out eventually. 

Once the false stories of the liar unravel, what else happens?

Trust is already a delicate matter. Whether you openly trust everyone you meet or withhold trust until your close friends prove themselves, once someone breaks your trust, you may struggle to regain it. Therefore, acceptance is the first step towards healing.

Accept that someone lied to you, and know that you can’t go back and undo their deceitful words. Living in denial or making excuses for the lies won’t make them disappear. Lies are never accidental; liars know that they hid the truth. So take the time you need to recover from the lies, but know that eventually, you must accept that someone broke your trust. 

Remember though, accepting that someone in your life is a liar does not mean that you have to continue the relationship. 

Remember that your forgiveness isn’t for others. More often than not, forgiveness is actually for you. Holding a grudge only allows negative emotions to live inside your head. You must forgive others for their past transgressions to stop your negative feelings from festering.. 

Forgiving someone is never easy, and neither is letting go of a relationship that broke your trust. However, remember that life will go on without them, and you may even end up happier than before.

There’s no rewind button in the real world, especially when someone lies to you. But the best way to forgive a liar is to simply let them go. Letting go will hurt for a while, but don’t be afraid to hold your head up high and walk on. Once you accept that there’s no way to change the past, you can put the lies are behind you, and live your best life.

Feature Image by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash


  1. Well written article. I could never continue a relationship with such a hypocritical bald faced liar. I was constantly saying I wanted him to leave…..Just Go!!! He continued to stay declaring his love. Demanding I see or have contact with other men. Just so he could. We could have ended our relationship amicably with a few drinks and maybe some laughs. He was such a lying dog though he thought it was better to play games. That’s what bothers me so much. I didnt want to be with such an awful person. So why not end it on better terms. It bothers me that I tolerated him, based on lies, because I felt bad about ending it cause he was always telling me not to hurt him.I mean the lies were so ridiculous and crazy. Im so glad he is gone.I just want to find a way to deal with distrust issues that have been created.

    • I can relate. Its a lonely place to be when you’re always trying to decipher who you can or can’t trust. Its exhausting to go thru being lied to and then the aftermath is, too. But I realized I will never be at peace with a person like this. SO painful though to let them go and I wish I could convince him to just give me honesty, its so much better that way. Good luck to you 🙂

  2. What to do if someone tells they lied because they were scared of losing you or scared of the fights?
    This is not a harmless lie. It’s speaking and connecting with other women, flirting with them. He says he did this just because of boredom.

  3. So what do I do with a stepdaughter who has been a pathological liar since the day I met her it’s been 14 years she has taken so much money from us my husband just died and I tried to nicely tell her that she was not getting an inheritance because we paid over $50,000 for her to have a mobile home she got so insulted that I’d even think she would be thinking of money and yet she asked a mutual friend of ours how much I sold the house for. I am beyond not ever wanting to see her again but she has five children which are my grandchildren. What do I do?

  4. The pathological liar in my family is a brother-in-law. He’s lied about me and he is a punk who will not take responsibility for drama he starts. I had to let my sister and him go because she declared that she will blindly believe him because he is her husband; I’m not that gullible, I don’t care who it is, if it’s a lie I will find out because I will investigate….she will not. So, why would I keep them in my life? He can tell her that I grabbed his man parts or tried to kiss him or some crap and she will blindly believe him without even asking my side? NO, THANK YOU! He is HER problem and I want no part of it.


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